Money and Power

What the world needs now is practical approaches to resolving the problem of power.

The key question is “who decides?” Right now, the process has been rigged so that a self-serving few decide for the many. How are they able to do that?
The key is MONEY.

Did George Bush and Tony Blair come begging to the people to donate money so they could attack Iraq?
Did they even ask us to pay higher taxes so they could fight this war?
Obviously, they did not. Bush even LOWERED taxes, especially for “his base,” the rich and well-connected.
How is it possible for expensive wars to be fought without raising taxes?

William Patterson and his cohorts figured that one out more than 300 years ago when the Bank of England was founded. They had no trouble selling the idea to King William III. The deal was this: The King got the money he needed to fight his war against France, while the financiers got the privilege of printing bank notes and lending them into circulation.
This perversion of the monetary system has since been “perfected” and spread almost universally to every country around the world. The power to control the creation and allocation of money (which is nothing more than credit) is the basis for all political power.
Until we do something about that, nothing much is going to change.

Fortunately, it is possible to restore “the credit commons” through voluntary, free market approaches. How? By establishing credit clearing associations that can be networked together worldwide.

LETS prototypes have given thousands of people some idea of how credit clearing works. Now we must take mutual credit clearing to the mainstream and build it to scale. E. C. Riegel had the vision but not the tools; we now have both the vision and the tools. Read my book, The End of Money and the Future of Civilization, view my presentations and interviews on this site,, read the works of E. C. Riegel (free downloads at Start by reading his Private Enterprise Money) and explore the other important resources listed in the Library.

[Updated, March 26, 2017]

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