Beyond Reform

A recent message from Richard K. Moore prompted me to write the following:
I fully agree with you that reform is not possible.
If metamorphosis is an apt analogy for the evolution of civilization, then it appears that we are nearing the end of the caterpillar stage.
We can only transcend it.
We who consider ourselves to be among the “cultural creatives” are the “imaginal cells” that need to communicate, organize, collaborate, and replicate – devising and implementing new structures that foster “butterfly” behaviors that will realize social justice, economic equity, liberty, and ecological restoration.
My little bit of that relates to exchange and finance (money, banking, saving and investment). Particularly pertinent to this thread is a slide show presentation I’ve given a few times, called Money, Power, Democracy and War, which has just been put up as a movie at
It can also be reached from my blog under “My Audio-visual Presentations.”

4 responses to “Beyond Reform

  1. Your slide show was similar in respect to the banking cartels with refrences made to the Fed making loans for war, defecit spending, the jekyll act, Woodrows comments, plus more.

    The differences are not similarities; all the references to religion where taken by me with a pinch of salt, your faith is just that; faith in the unknown….! If you believe who can tell you not to believe?

    Another difference in the Zeitgeist movie from your slide show was the references pertaining to 911, this was taken by me as mearly conspiracy theory.

    The main section I would like you to see in the movie is part 3 Don’t Mind The Men Behind The Curtain. I would love to gleam your thoughts.

    What I took from both movie and slide show is, there are two truths; the truth of the unknown and the truth of reality.
    For a long time money has presented itself as the truth, but in reality money is an abstraction of the truth and if there was anything real about the Zeitgeist movie it was that truth alone.

    Great analogy with the caterpillar theory, I think there is a long way to go before we near the end of the caterpillar stage, the internet is doing a good job of libertaing people and in finance we have the emergence of Digital Gold Currency’s (DGC).

    Great Post…



    This ppt presentation and especially your commentary, makes available and presents to people the best learning opportunity, the best information as freely shared from the best teacher, to get a great wake up education. The explanations and commentary combined with the audio makes all of needed positive effect and impact. We now have, thanks to you, a real mentor to lead us out of money ignorance. ALSO — Thanks to Alan Rosenblith for stepping up and assisting with the technical parts. The E.C. Riegel School of Money is pleased and honored to have you as professor of “economics”. Finally, real truthful information and instructions are now available to the students worldwide.

    Mike Aldana


  3. I’ve not yet seen the Zeitgeist movie, but I’m glad to know that it has similarities to my slide show.

    You could be of service by telling what specifically is similar, and what differences, if any, you observe.

    Thomas Greco


  4. The Money, Power, Democracy and War slide show is quite similar to the


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