Modern Trade and Barter – How It Works

IMS is one of the leading trade exchange operators in the United States. It’s a publicly traded company that has in about 24 years grown from one local trade exchange into a network of more than a dozen trade exchanges scattered around North America. The IMS website contains a five minute video that does a pretty good job of explaining how commercial trade exchanges work. View it here.

One response to “Modern Trade and Barter – How It Works

  1. I have an unusual business (maybe not!) where I produce products that change soil fertility, improve it if you will. This means many things but I won’t go into this now.

    My experience with marketing is that in today’s agricultural system, few understand the need to “feed the soil.” Instead, give of a strong focus on the plant. Education is key. I have found “one on one” or “word of mouth” to work best.

    I presently barter and good people who believe in what I’m trying to do, have invested in my business when loans were hard to come by. By educating people about a new/old way, a way that benefits all, it is like what your suggesting, all benefit by the concept “in practice”.

    I’m all for creating a new/old way of looking at life. When I listen to IMS, all is well and good as long as people “understand what you have and why they need it (education).” Why we all need it as our part to help this little planet of ours thrive.

    Happy to join the choir, Shep


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