Vermont Business Exchange, an Emerging Force for Local Trade

The localization of an economy requires local control of credit. That can be achieved by participation in a local credit clearing association. There are many such business-to-business (B2B) exchanges that provide this service on a for-profit basis. Now the lines between for-profit and non-profit are beginning to blur as credit clearing services are teaming up with existing non-profit business organizations. One example is the Vermont Business Exchange which is now being launched in association with Vermont Business for Social Responsibility.

Watch this video of a recent interview in which Amy Kirschner explains the project history, vision, and current status.

One response to “Vermont Business Exchange, an Emerging Force for Local Trade

  1. Tom

    Thanks to you for posting this encouraging interview and to the great folks in for Vermont making things happen there. These lady’s there on the interview get my vote and credit for being so determined and such good examples of how to actually make their C.C. system work. Others across the U.S and the world who are involved in the reinventing money movement will be inspired by this projects operation and their success. E.C. Riegel I believe would be smiling too.



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