Emergence of the Empathic Society

Wow! Here’s an amazing video by Jeremy Rifkin in which he sketches the evolution of human civilization and posits a vision of a world in which empathy has become the dominant motivating force and human unity is the global reality.

It is obvious to me that our individual identities need to go beyond traditional tribal, religious, and national boundaries to embrace the entire web of life. –t.h.g.

3 responses to “Emergence of the Empathic Society

  1. This is a good video. I’ve studied mirror neurons for a while, and I find thgis to be a powerful description of how societies develop.

    Unfortunately, in earlier societies, such practice led to what psychologists now call narcissism, the linear extension of oneself into his/her environment.

    Also, you can see why economics, with its centralized control of issuance, would lead to an extreme corruption of this practice.

    Empires formed that destroyed individualized freedom with a one-size-fits-all concept, and it is now the process of informatin that disrupts the dependence on mirror neurons exclusively to form social concepts.


  2. i believe i have seen babies just watch others cry with disinterest.


  3. Very good video, thank you.


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