Liberty Dollar founder Bernard von NotHaus on Peter Schiff Show Friday April 1

This is just in from Bernard von NotHaus

Dear Liberty Dollar Supporters!

If you have been appalled with the government’s comments trying to paint me as a “unique terrorist,” you are not alone. The gov is now trying to brand all local non-government currencies as illegal and anybody who expresses opposition to the current US monetary policy is a “unique terrorist.” Since the Liberty Dollar trial the word “terrorist” has lost any rational meaning and has morphed to simply mean, “doing something the government doesn’t like.”

Seth Lipsky’s article in The New York Sun regarding a “Unique form of Terrorism” confirms the gov’s intention to tailor “terrorism” to any definition they want or need for any occasion. As a result, the adverse reaction to government’s “terrorist” comments has generated a tremendous “blow back” in their face.

So I am pleased to announce I will be a guest on the Peter Schiff Show at 11:00, this Friday, April 1, 2011. This is the first time I have spoken publicly since my conviction. The interview will be very informative so I urge you to tune into Peter’s live radio show at The show’s toll free number is 866.226.5620.

For over twenty years, Peter Schiff has been the forerunner to accurately forecast the U.S. stock market, economy, real estate, the mortgage meltdown, credit crunch, sub-prime debacle, commodities, gold and the dollar. He has distinguished himself as an expert on money, economic theory, and international investing. Peter’s best-selling book, “Crash Proof: How to Profit from the Coming Economic Collapse” has cast him as a legend in predicting the course of the US dollar and what is best for your money.

I have been consistently impressed with Peter’s investment advice and his dedication to those values that the Liberty Dollar represents. It is an honor to be on his show.

Please note: Currently, Peter Schiff is President and Chief Global Strategist for Euro Pacific Capital that is not affiliated with or responsible for the content of

I hope you can join Peter and I for an engaging interview – one not to be missed!

Bernard von NotHaus

Catch it if you can. — t.h.g.

One response to “Liberty Dollar founder Bernard von NotHaus on Peter Schiff Show Friday April 1

    “anybody who expresses opposition to the current US monetary policy is a “unique terrorist.”well then i guess im a terrorist 🙂 YIPPEEEEE! and im also backing Russia and serbia rather than nato in all future foreign policy issues, this i shall do in retaliation for the theft of Kosovo from serbia and the fraud commited by the federal reserve, among a host of other things d.c. does. Also nato is trying to start a war with russia, to conquer and sieze her wealth, all euro-trash dicators have tried this from napoleon to hitler. they have all failed miserably ha ha ha. The uk is the real enemy to america not russia, the uk burned down the white house not russia, russia sold us alaska! Not the UK! the UK murdered thousands of americans to steal our land (back in revolutionary days) how i miss THE REVOLUTION 🙂 So who is the real enemy of America? the British Crown and her nwo, along with the fascist bankers aka international banking cartel, i call upon all americans to take up arms in revolt, and also refuse to pay back your debts as a way of financial revolt against the banksters and con-artists who enslave you with monopoly money and predatory lending. (this is clearly sedition and i am proud of it and have no remorse for it, i approve this message, take the patriot act and shove it)


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