One thing the Huffington Post, Ron Paul and Glen Beck all agree on


We need more transparency in how the money and banking system is managed, and an independent audit of the Federal Reserve is a start. There is widespread agreement on that point as pointed out in this Huffington Post article. But what will it take to make it happen?

6 responses to “One thing the Huffington Post, Ron Paul and Glen Beck all agree on

  1. There would be no point in auditing the Fed unless you knew exactly what you were looking for, which is: the fact that a dollar isn’t created until a debit is entered under a name, and a credit entered under another name, or a bearer bond bill is given to the “debitee”. At the same time, compounding debit is added to the debitees account ,while corresponding credit is added to the parasitic banker account. So, if you understand this, it would be a simple matter to replace the Fed with a system where this doesn’t happen. And yes, I know “debitee” or “debitor”, conveniently for the banker, is not in the dictionary.


  2. Robert Cadwallader

    I have said so, so much on this topic in the near past is seems useless to repeat the same thing over and over. It is still the same as Tom stated at the beginning. Pay attention and you will eventually understand the corruption by the wealthy.


  3. I really see the problem as more systemic — a government corrupted by the wealthy, banks corrupted by the wealthy, a credit system corrupted by the wealthy, “free markets” that are set up to operate in specific ways by the wealthy, a court system with laws created by the wealthy…well, you get the idea.

    So we can audit the Fed all day long. Or fix the credit system alone. But both those things seem more like “distractions” to me. They take away the focus from the real problem – a government unable to govern in the public interest as currently structured.


  4. Robert Cadwallader

    I cannot believe that the people that created the Federal Reserve could have this to be a good idea. First off they had to do this under the cover of Aliaises. If all of this was a good idea then why should they feel it necessary to hide the fact that all of this maneuvering be done in secret. Why do these extremely wealthy individual people feel the to hide the plan to conceal all of the manipulation of the monittarry / economic susytem? Why is it impossible for these wealthy people just to be honest to their government? Come on lets wake up and get honest! Lets try to be the people that can lay the cards on the table and do it correctly!


  5. Robert Cadwallader

    This has been true since the first year that the Fed was founded. How they got away with no audits for all these years is beyond me. When it gets right down to it what ever gave them the thought that they should have ever been in charge of the currency system in this country as well as other countries as well. Why do these people think they have the brains or rights to oversee the system? Where did this thought ever come from. Look where we are today with their (WONDERFUL) thinking. There are a handful of people that have enough brain power to see the future of these mistakes in the economic sector. Lets wake up and listen to people of


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