Shared Sacrifice: A petition from Senator Bernie Sanders

No, I don’t expect petitions to change the behavior of the power elite, and I don’t usually waste my time with them, but it is important for us to know how numerous we are. So stand up and be counted, and be a co-signer of this one. It’s eloquent in its statement of the facts, and though it does not get quite to the root of the problem, it crisply outlines the necessary course of government in addressing the budget deficits.–t.h.g.


4 responses to “Shared Sacrifice: A petition from Senator Bernie Sanders

  1. What needs to be done is for Govco to get out iof the business of regulating business. Get out of the bed with corporatism, and let them make it of fail according to the market.


  2. I am on disabilty trying just to keep my head above water and all obama does is help the people with money he is sopposed yo be for the underpriveledged but I think he is a republican in democrats clothing


  3. Signed.

    I think maybe the “power elite” had better start listening. Americans probably won’t take to the streets, but there are groups of hackers who must be contemplating some “redistribution of wealth.”


  4. Mr. President, Please don’t give any more tax breaks, or any type of financial incentives to the corporations in this country, or to the wealthy. It’s time for the middle class to stand up and be heard. We have already given so much for Country, including the lives of our children in wars to defend our Country. Please, Mr. President, it’s time for the rich to pay their fair share. Thank you.


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