New Moneeey

I recently came across a series of video animations titled, New Moneeey, which, it turns out, are pretty good. New Moneeey appears to be a group effort but John Ince seems to be a key player. I met John a couple years ago when he came to one of my lectures in San Francisco. I lost track of him for a while but we’ve recently reconnected. I’ve not tried to verify all of the statements made in the videos, but even if off by a factor of 10, they are significant.

John’s credentials are quite impressive. They include a Harvard MBA and whole raft of accomplishments in writing, media, and entrepreneurship. He is the author of two recently published books, The Money Question, and Meaningful Money, and is in the process of preparing a new book, The Wizard of Iz.

Here is the first part of the New Moneeey series. You may want to watch the entire thought provoking series.

One response to “New Moneeey

  1. Why does monetary reform have to be a huge convoluted process?
    1. Close all banks. Give the depositors their money. Stop charging interest on the borrowers. Let them pay down their loans directly to the government to $1500. This takes away the ability for a private entity to monopolize and profit from the creation of public cash.
    2. Have the government loan $1500 interest free to every producer that would like a loan. Don’t require repayment of the loan until the producer retires or moves from the country. Now you have a steady public cash supply resulting in a steady economy and full employment. No one is in too much public cash debit resulting in minimal defaults, thus minimal inflation.
    3. All pooling of resources would then be done through a private brokerage by the creation of stocks and bonds. Your broker would also handle your checking account.
    Admittedly, I could elaborate on how these concepts make perfect sense, but the basics are pretty simple.


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