What’s the “Occupy” movement all about?—Part 3

Tom Atlee, founder and director of the Co-intelligence Institute, is one of the most insightful observers of human behavior and creative process. I’m on his list to receive his regular  mailings. Here are a few brief excerpts from his recent letter that struck me a particularly pertinent.–t.h.g. 

Dawning realizations re Occupy Wall Street

To think of Occupation Wall Street as primarily a demonstration or protest misses the profound novelty and power of what they are doing.  All of us – they and we – are figuring out what it is they are doing as they do it.  They are kinda building their road as they travel.

That the whole thing wasn’t consciously built according to any plan – that it EMERGED – is both its power and its limitation.  We would do well to think about how to combine such powerful spontaneity with transformational processes (like Open Space and World Cafe) that use self-organization to help spread evocative energy from a dynamic center like Occupy Wall Street out into the society, transmuting that society’s latent frustrations and longings into a force that can shift the energy of the whole System towards Life.  I sense a new form of activism, of citizenship, of aliveness being born here.  Each of us gets to ask what role we want to play in that flowing, creative Mystery.

I strongly recommend that you read Tom’s entire message here, http://tom-atlee.posterous.com/dawning-realizations-re-occupy-wall-street


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