What’s the “Occupy” movement all about?—Part 4

Nobody can speak for a movement that is as inclusive and diverse as the Occupy Wall Street movement. We each speak for ourselves, but out of that can come shared values and ideals and, eventually, coherent action that will result in significant improvement in the situation for everyone.

But catch this—Fox News was out doing man-in-the street interviews about the Occupy Wall Street movement when they happened upon Jesse LaGreca who turned out to be a knowledgeable and articulate unofficial working class spokesperson. Fox never aired the interview but it has found its way onto the internet and is causing quite a stir. Here it is:

And watch this follow-up interview with Jesse on KIRO-FM:

3 responses to “What’s the “Occupy” movement all about?—Part 4

  1. These are americans saying “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore”.


  2. I, like many people, was having trouble understanding OW because most people have a hard time verbalizing why they are there. This radio interview has helped clear up my confusion. I understand now and support now. I think this man is a great spokesperson for the movement because he breaks it down so everyone can understand.


  3. One of the things that immediately hit me on the OWS movement was that the people quickly began to organize kitchens, sleeping arrangements, security systems, first aid groups, all the basics for getting a self governmentment going. This is not simply a “protest’ group, but the beginnings of people coming together and quickly organizing into a mobile effort to establish alternatives. The “hive mind” actually responding to new opportunities, and with new applications.

    “Apps” and “opps”, that’s what’s emerging from social networking. OWS is physical Facebook.


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