What if ? Judge Napolitano asks some penetrating questions

Judge Napolitano’s video clip is not about Ron Paul, it’s about America’s entire political predicament.

The important thing to remember is that there is no leader who can remedy the situation for us. It’s up to you and me. Find your own way to help make this a happier, more peaceful world.–t.h.g.

2 responses to “What if ? Judge Napolitano asks some penetrating questions

  1. awesome video! I’m glad there is someone like Judge Andrew Napolitano on fox(and the MSM)


  2. I hope this guy can convince everybody that he honestly didn’t know what actually was going on with the banking industry when the lid is finally blown off. Suffice to say, I don’t think anyone will care about hearing his opinions anymore. He definitely should have never been allowed anywhere near a courtroom(same for all our judiciary) with his dismal understanding of what our natural human rights are. Banks have no money Judge. They don’t lend anything. They embezzle. He does skim some elements of truth. Maybe he’s going to ease his followers into reality. Yes, maybe soon he will go on television and say he just realized he’s in a communist country.


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