Community-based, citizen-led solutions: Greece shows the way.

Regarding effective community initiatives, you might want to read this inspiring article from Der Spiegel about two Greek women in Athens who have done some remarkable social action things: People Power: Young Greeks Team Up to Combat Crisis.
This story shows what Greeks can do, and are doing, to make things better for themselves, aside from government policies and actions, by organizing “self-help initiatives to provide free medical care, repair street lighting and monitor public spending.”
The rest of the world might follow their lead. read about it here.

2 responses to “Community-based, citizen-led solutions: Greece shows the way.

  1. Considering moving to Greece:)


    • Surely worth considering. Despite the financial crisis, Greeks, in general, enjoy a high quality of life–favorable climate, relative self-sufficiency in food, strong family ties, reasonably viable village life in many areas. Their traditional mistrust of central government may be an advantage if they can learn to be more cooperative and inclusive.

      I just returned from a month’s stay in Greece, and while I was mainly occupied with work on community development projects, I thoroughly enjoyed visits to mountain villages where food is fresh, regionally grown, field and -tree-ripened and relatively inexpensive. I also enjoyed a few small mainland beaches and the clear water of the Mediterranean.


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