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Greece workshop starts Friday

The start of our workshop, Monetary and Financial Innovation for the New Economy, is just a few days away but there is still space available and enough time to make travel arrangements. Here are some additional details about what you can expect from the experience.

The workshop leader will provide enough structure to focus attention and direct the inquiry but leave room for creativity, individual research, and the spontaneous emergence of innovative designs, plans, and implementation strategies. That structure will include:

  • The fundamental concepts upon which the exchange process and capital formation are based.
  • Critical examination of present and past alternatives.
  • The various aspects that must be addressed in design and deployment of exchange and finance innovations.

Everyone will play an active role in an intensive process of inquiry, discovery, sharing and collaboration aimed at:

  1. achieving a deeper understanding of the principles of currency, credit, finance, and the exchange process, and,
  2. developing action plans for the design and deployment of robust systems that can be widely proliferated and quickly scaled up to global dimensions.
  3. assembling a knowledge base that can provide guidance toward achieving more equitable and sustainable structures for value exchange and finance.

As the week progresses, teams may be formed to dig deeper into particular aspects of design and implementation and to develop action plans. Besides Exchange and Finance, the realms of our inquiry will include Change, Innovation, Processes, Systems, and Networks.

Depending on the needs and interests of the participants, the focus of our attention will be on definitions and principles related to some of the following topics:

  1. The essence and role of money
  2. Banking
  3. Reciprocal Exchange
  4. Liquidity
  5. Monetization
  6. Basis of issue, backing, and
  7. Credit
  8. Alternative currency models
  9. Credit clearing and “offset”
  10. Value measurement and units of account
  11. Saving and investment; value storage and capital formation
  12. Intermediation and disintermediation
  13. Usury and interest
  14. Demurrage
  15. Inflation, deflation, and currency debasement
  16. Depressions. The nature and causes of economic depressions.
  17. Exchange Networks
  18. Inter-trading across trade exchanges; Balance of payments/trade.
  19. Broader implications of innovative exchange mechanisms.
  20. Implementation and proliferation of innovative exchange mechanism.

And, there will be plenty of time to enjoy the beach and Greek village life.

Further details and booking are at http://www.kalikalos.com/community/x/exchange-finance-new-economy-thomas-greco/

If finances are a problem, application for discounts may be made by writing to Rachel Davson at rachaeldavson@gmail.com.

Looking forward to working with you,