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Riegel explains the foundations of economic democracy

I have often referred to E. C. Riegel as a “master of monetary truth.” His insight is astounding, his logic impeccable, and his expression eloquent. In this essay on Economic Democracy, he shows the way out of our present predicament … Continue reading

The Legacy of E. C. Riegel

A Primer on E.C. Riegel by Spencer H. MacCallum With a Comment by Thomas H. Greco, Jr. This article by Spencer MacCallum is a nice summary of Riegel’s ideas and works. Fortunately, our modern technologies are making it easier to … Continue reading

E. C. Riegel Added to Wikipedia

Wikipedia now has a detailed entry on E. C. Riegel, “master of monetary truth.”

E. C. Riegel – Master of Monetary Truth

Throughout my career as a monetary transformer, I have drawn heavily upon the profound and insightful writings of E. C. Riegel (b. 1878; d. 1954). As I wrote in one of my books, I’ve learned more about money from Riegel … Continue reading

Books by E. C. Riegel are a “Must Read”

Here is a further prod which I hope will induce all serious students of money and agents of change toward social justice and equity to read Riegel. These books can be downloaded from, or hard copies can be obtained … Continue reading

Thomas Greco’s 2017 Summer Workshop in Greece

Following last summer’s exciting and successful workshop in Greece, Thomas Greco will again this summer be conducting a workshop in Monetary and Financial Innovation for the New Economy at the Alexandros campus of the Kalikalos Holistic Summer School on the … Continue reading

Who’s Left, who’s Right, and who should issue money?

I have in my possession, a copy of a copy of an essay by E. C. Riegel, one of many that I gleaned from the files of Spencer MacCallum who had the foresight to rescue Riegel’s literary legacy from oblivion, … Continue reading

The End of Money and the Future of Civilization

The End of Money and the Future of Civilization considers the money problem within the broad historical and political context that has made the control of money and banking the primary mechanism for concentrating power and wealth and the nullification … Continue reading

How the international banking fraternity created the present credit crisis

Here’s an article by Chris Quigley that describes how the international banking fraternity created the present credit crisis – t.h.g. The “Originate to Distribute” Basle Banking Model Created the Banking Crisis Christopher M. Quigley, B.Sc., M.M.I.I., M.A. In an attempt … Continue reading

First Report from California

The past week has been intensely busy here in California, filled with presentations and meetings with colleagues from all over the world who have gathered here for our complementary currency conference last Thursday (May 31) and the general conference of … Continue reading