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Newsletter—2017 Year-end, and prospects for the coming year

New web posts:             Disruptive Technologies Making Money Obsolete             Limiting Factors in the Operation of Commercial Trade Exchanges Newly discovered video from 2003 interview, Democratizing Money 2017 recap Thoughts on the state of the world, plus recommended authors, commentators, … Continue reading

Central Bank Interventions and the Looming Catastrophe

In this recent interview below, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts describes the “house of cards” that is today’s global regime of money, banking and finance. Since the financial crisis of 2008, the major central banks around the world—the Federal Reserve, the … Continue reading

“The Big Lie” and the tragedy of Europe –Yanis Varoufakis blows the lid on Europe’s hidden agenda

In this interview, former Greek finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, outlines the nature of the 2008 financial crisis, the reasons for the program of “quantitative easing” and the irrational actions of the western European leaders. The fundamental point he seems to … Continue reading

Bank of Japan announces plan for massive inflation of the Yen, as US Fed curtails dollar monetization (QE). What does it mean for you?

A recent article in the Guardian (UK) reports that the Japanese central bank has announced plans to “inject ¥80tn (£447bn) a year into the financial system, mainly through the purchase of government bonds, in a bid to ward off the … Continue reading

How do central banks control interest rates?

Question: How do central banks control interest rates? Answer: By creating counterfeit money. Of course, they will never admit that. They see their “purchases” of debt instruments, mainly those of governments, as being legitimate. But such purchases violate sound monetary … Continue reading

Global debt soars; no end in sight

I have often pointed out, but almost no economist is willing to admit, that central governments play an essential role as “borrowers of last resort” to keep a flawed system of money and banking from collapsing. In their collusive arrangement … Continue reading

The emerging market mess and US manipulations

Anyone who wants to understand present-day geopolitical phenomena must pay attention to former Assistant Treasury Secretary, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. Roberts is one of a handful of people who understands what is going on–and is willing to tell people about … Continue reading

Newsletter – January 2014

Hi, This is my first newsletter since mid-October. An excuse, if I need one, is that I’ve been traveling. To be truthful, I’ve been lacking in motivation and I’ve felt the need to reassess both the scope and the methods … Continue reading

Why Congress Will Not Prevent the Crash

As economists go, Robert Reich is one of the more rational and humane, but he suffers under the same delusion as the others.  In a recent blog post, he describes why he thinks that “January’s Fiscal Cliff Turns into a … Continue reading

October Newsletter and Fall tour itinerary: Europe & UK

In this edition Fall Tour Itinerary – Europe and the UK The Wealth of the Commons now in print. Recent posts QE3 Riegel essays: Right-wing Socialists Breaking the English Tradition _________________________________________________________________________ Fall Tour My fall tour agenda has filled out … Continue reading