News and Information Sources — State of the World

Commentators who have something important to say

Blum, William, Covert Action Magazine (
Brown, Ellen (
Celente, Gerald (
Chomsky, Noam (
Chossudovsky, Michel (
Clark, Wesley (
DeGraw, David (
Doctorow, Gilbert (
Fitts, Catherine Austin (
Goodman, Amy (
Grove, Richard, Tragedy and Hope (
Hartman, Thom (
Hedges, Chris (
Hudson, Michael (
Hunter, Greg (
Johnson, Chalmers (1931-2010) (
Martinson, Chris (
McGovern, Ray (
Palast, Greg (
Parenti, Michael (
Pilger, John (
Perkins, John (
Rickards, Jim (
Roberts, Paul Craig (
Sachs, Jeffrey (
Smith, Charles Hugh (
Stockman, David (
Stone, Oliver (
Wolff, Prof. Richard D. (

Good Web Sources for real news and history

Common Dreams.
Global Research.
Greanville Post.
Hidden History Center.
Huffington Post.
Information Clearinghouse. (republisher)
Link TV.
Nation of Change.
OpEd News.
Open Democracy.
Real News
Reality Sandwich.
Venezuela analysis

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Bitcoin and Blockchain

Jon Matonis.
Andreas Antonopolous.

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