Daily Archives: March 14, 2013

Hugo Chavez, demon or saint?

Greg Palast is a well-respected investigative journalist, one of the few media people who for me retains some credibility. In his recent article, Hugo Chavez and the Global Poverty Conspiracy, he tells the story of why he was so reviled by the U. S. and why an attempt was made to assassinate him. If you want to understand current geopolitics, you must read this article.


anything goes, nothing matters, and nobody cares

A recent article by James Howard Kunstler begins: “History has a special purgatory where it sometimes stashes feckless nations punch drunk on their own tragic choices: the realm where anything goes, nothing matters, and nobody cares. We’ve surely crossed the frontier into that bad place in these days of dwindling winter, 2013.”

And concludes: “the rule of law extinct in this country, but so are public figures of principle and credible news organs.”

Read it, and other insightful pieces by Kunstler on his blog.