XO Ltd. Offers Free Resources to "Barter" Exchanges


NEW YORK – XO Limited (“XO”), today launched the largest online database of free resources to the barter exchange industry in the world.

The online resources include:

– Administration forms and guides for new exchanges
– Flyers explaining barter for assorted industries
– Information about barter exchanges for community currencies
– Resources to allow commercial barter exchanges to expand into the community currency arena
– Welcome pack and information kit templates
– Reports explaining barter, its history, and the market across the globe
– Training materials and CD ROM Resources

All files are provided at no cost, with all files able to be edited and
customized by barter exchanges for their own use.

The website for XO Limited is http://www.barter-software.com

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About XO Limited
Founded in 2002, XO is the worlds largest barter and counter-trade systems developer. XO”s systems are designed to enable barter exchange operators to reduce their costs whilst increasing their overall trade volumes. Some of the key functionalities of their trading platform includes: a universal currency, Internet banking, txt/sms banking, internet trading, IVR
(telephone) banking, EFTPOS (electronic point of sale) cards and direct interfaces with traditional banking methods.

Barter exchanges can choose to host the software themselves or take advantage of XO’s inhouse hosting solution, thereby allowing them to use plastic swipe cards and telephone banking in addition to the standard software platform. The software is understood to be one of the only of its kind worldwide.

Contact Details for Press Release
Press release prepared by XO Limited.

XO Limited
Media Representative Division
New York, USA
Phone: +1 (646) 213-1091
Fax: +1 (646) 304-2673
Email: media@barter-software.com
Website: http://www.barter-software.com

2 responses to “XO Ltd. Offers Free Resources to "Barter" Exchanges

  1. Neat blog. I’ve got a friend who will love your site; I’m sending him the url!


  2. i liked their flyers page for community currencies and explaining barter for each industry.


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