Massive inflation is on the horizon

The National Inflation Association has just published an article titled, America’s Currency Crisis is Now Underway. I pretty much agree with their assessment but they are touting gold and silver investments as the best way for people to protect themselves. While a little bit of investment in precious metals may yield some short-term profits, I think our long-term survivability requires investment in those things that support life–food, clothing, shelter, energy, etc.

My advice is to shift your investments from Wall Street to Main Street. Before your nest-egg loses all its purchasing power, invest in local enterprises that make you and your community more self-reliant and secure.

Read what I wrote about that a few weeks ago in my article, Investing in Uncertain Times.

4 responses to “Massive inflation is on the horizon

  1. I’m about halfway through your new book…enjoying it.

    Right now, it seems to me that inflation is being controlled by foreign economic decisions — as opposed to malfeasance by the US Fed. It seems to me that the interdependence of economies, even those based on precious metals or local currencies, must be addressed.

    We can minimize interdependence, but we can’t completely eliminate it without loss. And legal decisions that effectively protect existing businesses (and their profits) seem to me to be the significant contributor to making the Fed’s bond purchases inflationary. The legal structure keeping wealthy executives in business, while allowing them to offshore their business and hide their personal profits, seems a bigger problem.


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  3. couldnt massive inflation go to investments in life food shelter clothing energy etc??

    do you tink it would all go into pet rock developements??


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