So tragic, its funny, but all too true.

If you want the simple truth about central banking, “quantitative easing,” and the global financial predicament, watch this video. — t.h.g.

3 responses to “So tragic, its funny, but all too true.

  1. It’s wrong about QE:


    • This re-explanation is incorrect. Inflation has occurred since QE1 despite what the doctored government statistics (CPI) report. And, of course, there is a delay factor between QE and inflation occurring – often years. See NIA’s Meltup film on their YouTube channel for more information.


      • Inflation is, by definition, the creation of money on an improper basis, typically through the monetization of long-term government debt, as well as other “junk” that the central bank might buy from the private banks. That has been going on continuously to one degree or another for ages under the central banking debt-money system. What takes time is the increases in market prices that are the inevitable result of such “legalized counterfeit’ being spent into circulation. Read my book, The End of Money and the Future of Civilization, for more information.

        By posting the video in question I did not intend to imply that I agree with it in all particulars, but there is enough there to make worthwhile.


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