CNN reports on Philadelphia’s local currency

I helped RHD set up their Equal Dollars currency back in the late 90’s. Here is a recent report about it from CNN. Sorry about the annoying commercial at the beginning.–t.h.g.

How I buy groceries without cash – Video – Personal Finance.

3 responses to “CNN reports on Philadelphia’s local currency

  1. Arnaldo Spicacci

    I mean, the issuance of certificates is it centralised and if so there has to be an greeement among members which are producers and labourers? Is it so? Thanks


    • I’m not fully apprised of recent developments there so I don’t have definitive answers. You can contact them directly. Just search on Equal Dollars. Originally, it was set up as a currency issued by the administrative body within RHD. I’ve tried to guide them on the proper issuance of currency to avoid debasement, but I’m not sure if they’ve always followed my advice.


  2. Arnaldo Spicacci

    Thanks Tom, great Video.

    But how do you start all this? Who is authorised to issue hours/money?



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