America’s yeoman class revolt

Here is a comment I posted in response to an article, Donald Trump and the Ghost of Christopher Lasch: America’s yeoman class revolts, that appears in The American Conservative. –t.h.g.

Yes, there is a yeoman class revolt, but the characterization of the elite as “liberal” is in error. The elite class spans the socio-political spectrum. They have a hidden agenda which they advance by pandering to the sentiments of both social liberals (mainly by Democratic politicians) and social conservatives (mainly by Republican politicians), but both parties have been moving us inexorably toward a “new world order” that is anti-democratic and neo-feudal which concentrates ever more power and wealth in their own hands.

Their primary instrument of control is the global system of money, banking, and finance which they have constructed over a long period of time without any public debate, and with the help of politicians, academic economists, journalists, and others whom they have invited to the table to share the spoils.

Since the debt crisis of 2008, Americans of all classes and ideologies have finally begun to wake up to the facts that the game is rigged against them and that they have been manipulated and exploited by the Wall Street-Washington nexus. The next American revolution will happen when liberals and conservatives, Republicans and Democrats, Americans of all religions and races, stop being seduced by “hot-button” rhetoric and come to realize what their common interests are and are able to work in harmony toward the common good

Thomas H. Greco, Jr.


2 responses to “America’s yeoman class revolt

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  2. Dr. Thomas Greco Jr.,

    I strongly agree with your above article “America’s yeoman class revolt” along with your few other articles you’ve published recently on the site about Bernie Sanders (the elderly ‘grandfatherly’ neighbor next door) and Donald Trump (the business tycoon who has the highest ‘monetarily-fueled’ support and has me the most concerned of all.)
    I’m not so sure about the idea of someone like (or even worse) than the last mentioned man establishing a “new world order” with a small network of “militant big bankers” imposing anti-democratic and neo-feudal rules over every single person on Earth (including us) unless, we completely forget everything we learned and still want to learn (and eventually see happen in reality) in any alternative economy after a year, let ourselves be fearful of words, not actions, either go out to conform and “sell out” or go out, cry “revolution,” and let “hell out.”
    I apologize if I sounded too blunt before. I have an strong impression you are very honest about everything you are teaching and will never give into all the extremes. I am also very interested (and really eager to know) if you know of any “organization” or “place” in the world (preferably here in the United States) where there are people who have an alternative economy established, do not in any way depend on standard currency which, in my opinion, seems to link the “new world order” you stated like perfect pieces to an “Earth” puzzle, and are more well-known enough by other “dissidents of Midas” (a term I thought up for people not agreeing with standard currency and how it is being rigged for the one percent, borrowing Bernie Sander’s expression) to be serious, dedicated, and honest enough to hold out non-violently and remain “off-grid” if my opinion is wrong and a “new world order” does come into place?
    This organization or place doesn’t have to practice the decimal economy I blogged about almost endlessly replacing monetary value a couple years ago. As long as they practice any other form of currency except, standard currency and are not a dangerous cult, I’ll research them.
    If you have any lists or names, I would truly appreciate it! Good luck with your future articles!


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