Reality and the mainstream media

“There are no conspiracies only conspiracy theories and nuts who believe them. Elections in America are not rigged, but there are many nuts who think they are. The United States is the champion of democracy and its interventions in countries around the world are conducted only for the purpose of deposing dictators and freeing the people to choose their leaders.”

These are some of the myths that the mainstream media have long been trying to sell to the public but as evidence to the contrary mounts up and the chorus of truth-tellers becomes ever larger their job has become more difficult. Add to the mix a Presidential candidate who dares to cast doubt upon any of part of the official version of reality and the pundits in the MSM go ballistic. It is almost laughable to see them so obviously reveal their biases.

While I consider Donald Trump to be a narcissistic nincompoop and cannot bring myself to vote in favor of his presidency, I do admire his willingness to speak the unspeakable and to give the American people at least the appearance of an alternative to the elite agenda. I further credit him for refusing to fall into line against Russian president Vladimir Putin who is understandably just trying to prevent threats from the west from camping out in Russia’s front yard.

More authoritative sources than I have thoroughly articulated the current domestic and geopolitical reality for anyone who cares to know. Here are just a few of them:

  • Gerald Celente
  • F. William Engdahl
  • Michael Hudson
  • John Perkins
  • Charles Hugh Smith
  • Noam Chomsky
  • Thom Hartman
  • Chris Martinson
  • Jim Rickards
  • David Stockman
  • Wesley Clark
  • Chris Hedges
  • Michael Parenti
  • Paul Craig Roberts
  • Oliver Stone
  • Ray McGovern

And you might want to check out Rob Kall’s take on election integrity over on Op-Ed News.

[EDIT] I just viewed this video of Alex Jones that reveals how desperate the global elite are to impose their “New World Order” by removing obstacles like Russia that refuse to go along, by starting a hot war if necessary. So who is the worse choice, Hillary, the hawk who is the chosen agent of the elite, or Trump? Is there any chance at this late date of electing one of the third party candidates? What  can we do to stop this madness? The hour is late and the stakes could not be any higher.

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3 responses to “Reality and the mainstream media

  1. Tom, do like your analysis. I have a few twist speculations.

    The abnormal psych condition of Trump has yet to be determined. He is highly dysfunctional, relative to many tasks, but not evil – although his actions may be evil. I view Trump incapable of being wrong, so when things go bad he blames others. He is unable to conceptualize a world where he isn’t “on top” all the time. My daughter, Stephanie, has the same condition. Donald and Steph may not fall neatly into a psychiatric category.

    There was a PBS documentary on Trump that has not entered MSM. Top bankers told how they chose to SAVE Trump because of his BRAND. They gained much more profit from using his brand than they would have gained (or saved) by ruining him. He is a very inept business man, but a great hawker and sly manipulator.

    Donald is also prone to being manipulated. In a wild conspiracy, it is those backing Hillary that manipulate Trump. The army of Trump backers is far more dangerous than Trump, himself.

    We can work to contain Hillary as POTUS, a role that doesn’t have much influence in USA actions – in my analysis. NONE of our three branches are influential today, except not being influential is influential.

    For Libya, alone, Hillary is a war criminal – in action. I wonder what she really knew and comprehended about the uniqueness of Libya. Very busy persons can also be manipulated. She is dangerous, if she has power.

    Lately, I have been comparing the positive and developing aspects of many nations and find the USA severely behind. SCIENCE journal as many full page ads of sci/tech centers in China well beyond anything even on the drawing board for the USA. The decade long “rule” by the Tea Party and associates has severely damaged USA sci/tech. Why does the corporate elite permit this? Do they want the USA cut down to size? Why do they permit the decay of essential infrastructure? Might they rather create a new USA, to their design, than to repair it? Let it collapse. They are good at building new societies after collapse (e.g. Europe/Japan after WWII).

    Tom, looking forward to your return to Tucson.


  2. Living in Manchester, UK, I find the American Election extremely depressing and negative. My best hope is that Hilary Clinton is elected President and Bernie Sanders is invited to take a very senior position in her Administration to lend some credibility, competence and honesty. I have in mind some Economics Affairs position, where he is dedicated to maintaining “macroeconomic effective demand” while minimising the growth of the Federal Debt Mountain.


  3. Thank you Thomas for continuing to tell the truth; & in your global travels, you have the greater perspective than most in the U.S. I too am launching Innovations Liason soon to jumpstart hidden agendas in free energy, alternative currencies, 3D low cost housing, other, to bring equality & sustainability to all people & our Planet. I still want to bring you to So.OR to speak after the elections. And re: elections, there is word they will be called off to find “worthy” candidates to run for our top office & the Republic of US, GCR, will be disclosed. Is such justice seem viable to you at this point? We need transformation now.


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