The End of Money places second on P2P Foundation Top 10 list

Michel Bauwens, Founder and Director of the P2P Foundation, has rated The End of Money and the Future of Civilization number two on his 2009 list of the top 10 books in support of peer-to-peer practices.

In June 2009, the book was featured as P2P book of the week. My email interview can be seen here.

You can see the entireP2P  Top 10 list, with Bauwens’ comments, here.

2 responses to “The End of Money places second on P2P Foundation Top 10 list

  1. I’ve recently been reading more about bartering systems to better understand how it might work. I’m a little confused about how they work, however, as it seems that they are little more than percentage-based advertising systems for people who want to barter their services. For instance, if I make a transaction with someone else, I need to pay 6% in CASH to the bartering system. This seems more like a credit-card transaction that is charged to both parties. In a true bartering system, wouldn’t we be able to pay for the bartering system in bartering dollars?

    Also, how does one begin in the system without cash? It seems that you have to sell one of your services first and bank up some dollars from selling prior to buying. So, who can buy first?

    If this is the incorrect place to post such questions, forgive me, but I couldn’t figure out where else to ask such a question.
    Thanks for your consideration.


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