Teach your kids to be entrepreneurs

Here’s an inspiring talk by Cameron Herold on ways to become more self-reliant and less dependent on government programs. Couple that with sharing, cooperation, and community organizing and maybe we have a formula for creating the “butterfly economy.” — t.h.g.

2 responses to “Teach your kids to be entrepreneurs

  1. Right on. The bad news is also good news. The education system is designed to teach kids so they can “get a job”. That’s not heppening much at all now or in the forseeable future. The good news is young people will have to resort to entrepreneural ventures. They have no real choice. Despite some initial pain, it will be better for them and the economy in the long term. It’s hard to lay off an entrepreneur.


  2. That’s a good video. I’ve always been one to look for opportunities as I saw thorugh school at an early age. Not that I was bad at school. I was reading long before i started to school, and my father, trained as an engineer, taught me the multiplication table.

    I had to read the bible to grandmother before I started to school, and I enter the 1st grade and see the “Dick and Jane Reader”.

    When I was 8, I told my dad it would be neat if you put coffe in little bags like tea bags. That way, every body could have just one cup when they needed it. He said no, nobody would buy that.

    Later i walked down the coffee aisle in the grocery, and smelled all the coffe. I told my dad it would be neat to have a coffee shop that smelled that way. People would spend a lot of money on different brews.

    He said no, nobody’s going to pay much for coffee.

    I got a job as a janitor.


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