John Perkins explains predatory capitalism

Here is a two-minute summary of how predatory capitalism operates around the world. It is an animated interview with John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.

One response to “John Perkins explains predatory capitalism

  1. A great video. The viral nature of this system is established by the Federal Reserve Board, issuing notes(FRNs) that act as legal tender for all debts.

    Obviously this cannot be so constitutionally, since a note as legal tender must be backed by “exclusive legislation” over all states. That legislation is forbidden by the “Enclave clause” directly above the “necessary and proper” clause. The federal government must observe concurrent legislation with the states, and the states are prohibited from making anything other than gold or silver coins tender for any debt.

    That is, FRNs are unconstitutional within the states, without states approval, but states are prohibited from such approval.


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