Update: Crowdfunding and 2013 Summer tour

Great news! Summer is almost upon us and I’m excitedly making preparations to begin my European tour. With  two full days to go in our Crowdfunding campaign, we’ve successfully raised our target amount of $4,000! Thank you to everyone who’s helped make that happen!  It really is so wonderful to have your support. Thank you!

Of course, we don’t want anyone to feel left out! You can still help out by donating here at our Indiegogo site: http://igg.me/at/tomstour/. Funds raised above the original target will be used to redesign and update our websites and upgrade our email service, greatly improving our service to you. You all have my deepest gratitude for your generosity!

Here’s an update on my agenda

I’ve been invited to give a number of presentations and workshops. Starting in the Netherlands, I will be making a presentation hosted by STRO on the evening of June 18 (19:00 – 21:30) in the Hague. That presentation, intended for practitioners and social entrepreneurs, will describe the various issues that must be considered in creating and managing alternative exchange mechanisms. Both Time/bank The Hague and STRO will also give short presentations. The location is “Quartair” in the Hague, close to the CCS conference centre. In this building Time/bank also will host an exposition during the CCS conference.

The 2nd International Conference on Complementary Currency Systems (CCS), which is also in the Hague, begins the following day and runs until the 24th of June. My conference presentation (on June 20) is titled, Reinventing Money: How Complementary Currencies and Mutual Credit Clearing Can Create a Sustainable, Regenerative Economy. I’m also slated to be a panelist for two other sessions on June 21. One of these will address the topic of The Future of Community Currencies, and the other, Control of new types of e-money by financial regulators. Conference details and registration information can be found here.

Following the Hague conference, I will travel to Sweden for a stay of almost two weeks during which time I will give presentations and meet with community currency people in Gottenborg, Lindsberg, Gotland, and Stockholm.

From Sweden, I will travel to England to present at an all day workshop in Lancaster, Unlocking Local Wealth, an event organized by the Institute for Leadership and Sustainability (IFLAS) of the University of Cumbria Business School, in association with the New Economics Foundation and the United Nations Non-Governmental Liaison Service, with the support of Impact International. You can find the program for that event here.

I expect to remain in the UK for a week or more then travel on to Greece for an extended stay in Volos, Crete, and Athens. Visits to other places are also possible and I’m expecting important opportunities to develop spontaneously, as they invariably do. I’m scheduled to return to the U.S. on August 21.

Thanks again for your interest and support! Once again, here’s the link where you can invest in my ability to serve you all better moving forward: http://igg.me/at/tomstour/



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