Living the New Economy. Thomas H. Greco to speak at October conference

Living the New Economy is a major event slated for Oakland, California October 23-26.

LNE Oakland is designed to be different from any event you’ve attended before. Drawing inspiration from hackathons, conferences, networking events, festivals, and jams, the result is a unique event that has components of each. More than a conference, this is a convergence.

The first two days will be provide opportunities for you to “hear about thriving New Economy projects, identify gaps and opportunities, and find out how you can plug into the New Economy on a personal level.” During the second two days the New Economy principles will be explored and “participants will collaborate in teams to develop a business idea, program, art project, or anything that supports the transition to a New Economy.”

I am one of several speakers who will be presenting at the conference. Program and other details can be found at the conference website.

Get tickets NOW to receive substantial early bird discounts available until August 15. Register and get tickets here.

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3 responses to “Living the New Economy. Thomas H. Greco to speak at October conference

  1. Thanks Mr Greco, your willingness to respond to the public is impressive. I know Chong, and will contact him on this.

    Than you


  2. A very big fan Mr Greco. I read your book last year on the advice from my neighbor here in Napa Sergio Lub, and was a godsend in terms of clearly elucidating ideas that had been lingering ideas within me but now had a more concrete explanation thanks to your work. I am involved with several folks here in a local food movement and have had a lot of experience in trying to network with Transition groups, permaculture groups, and others interested in local food production, alternative health issues, and local exchange systems. I am a bit frustrated by the difficulty in networking with such groups, but continue to do my own work gathering information and ideas on these issues in the hope that someday I will reach a threshold of credibility that may open the door to better networking. My main point is that I find the requirements for attendance at the conference a bit daunting. I had hoped to attend just Saturday and Sunday but apparently that option has been removed. There seems to be no Facebook Page or any other public forum for folks to comment about the conference, at least for non-attendees. I do find it puzzling that no on-line effort seems in making avenues available to those whop want to be involved, but are unable to make it to the conference. The Public Banking Institutes conference from a little over a year ago seemed a lot more interested in that question. I know these issues are likely out of your control, and that this message simply serves as a reminder of a problem that is beyond your ability to effect. Hope the conference is a success

    Matt Grantham
    Napa Food Cooperative


    • Hi Matt,
      Thanks for the vote of confidence.
      Regarding the October conference, you make some valid points, and I agree that such events could have a greater impact if non-attenders could be included somehow. I’m sure Chong Kee Tan and his Bay Bucks organizing team would be open to your suggestions. I encourage you to contact them.


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