Kucinich: U.S. Intelligence community trying to undermine Trump, rekindle Cold War

In this Fox News interview, former Ohio Congressman and Presidential candidate, Dennis Kucinich, sounds the alarm that entrenched elements in the U.S. Intelligence community are working to undermine the Trump presidency and derail his attempts to normalize relations with Russia.

When you consider the economic and financial implications of peace, it makes complete sense that the military-industrial-banking complex would fight tooth and nail to stir up conflicts around the world, which is precisely what has been happening.

Whatever we might think of Trump as a man or as a President, the people must rally to support his efforts to cooperate with Russia in quelling the turmoil in Syria and the middle-east and move the world toward peace.

4 responses to “Kucinich: U.S. Intelligence community trying to undermine Trump, rekindle Cold War

  1. I hope President Donald Trump lives up to his Election promises of “draining the swamp” in Washington. I hope he improves ties with Russia and in the process acquires a thorough grasp of Eastern European history and of historic regional sensitivities.
    I hope he makes good his electoral contract with the blue collar Rustbelt.
    I wonder at what point biased news becomes fake news. I hope he is susceptible to the development of local currencies working in tandem with the US Dollar.


  2. I agree, much is above the MSM clouds. The financial/economic sector engineers the media to imply the governments are “in charge” and “the enemy”. Technological innovations provide a rapidly changing context, that is rather independent from direct, intentional intervention by either sector, money or power. There is also, possibly major shifts in how human mind/brains function, distributed. On the other hand, the exponential rise of potentially useful knowledge and competencies is a hidden potential. This awaits a “coming together” of these currently chaotically distributed attributes. What concerns me is the assumption that this “coming together” will emerge “spontaneously” via advanced swarming and won’t require “intelligent intervention”. I go into some details in the 7 sems I am composing and not finding time or motivation to post on my blog.


  3. Tom, I have zero confidence that the Trump-Putin Phenomenon, whatever it is, will lead to a sustained truce between the USA and Russia. I expect this is an attempt by Putin to avoid what was suspected would come if Hillary was elected – but I’m not sure that the neo-liberals would risk nuclear war – they want to renew the cold war to stop BRICS and continue their hegemony.

    Bannon (and his crowd expect great societal collapse and will act to start it – which will probably include nuclear events) has captured the mind of (severely mentally dysfunctional) Trump. The race is whether they will be removed before they press the button. I would expect the BRICS team is not so happy with what is happening.

    See Lawrence O’Donnell the past few nights on Pence actively leading the resistance to Bannon/Trump with a probable push to use the 25th amendment, where the VP and some Cabinet can replace POTUS.

    i don’t now how a Pence POTUS would relate to Russia. It depends on the “nature” of the BRICS forces to counter the USA. Also, these actions may have catalyzed a fundamental shift in planetary “organization”. I hope to post on this very soon.


    • It’s hard for us who are outside the halls of power to know how the global power structure is realigning itself. U.S. foreign policy of “regime change” in North Africa and the middle-east has caused chaos in Europe and it appears that many NATO allies have had enough of it.


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