Disruptive Technologies are Making Money Obsolete

Broadly speaking, technology is the organization of knowledge, people, and things to accomplish specific practical objectives. It includes processes, practices, techniques and systems as well as things. So what are the disruptive technologies in money and finance? Or is that even the right question to be asking? Is it Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other so-called crypto-currencies? Is it the blockchain, “smart contracts,” “big data,” algorithms?

To find out, watch this 15 minute video, which was extracted and adapted from a longer recording of the presentation, I  made to the International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on October 10, 2016. It describes how communities and businesses can escape the debt trap and become more resilient and self-reliant? New independent approaches to payment and reciprocal exchange are being deployed which are making conventional money obsolete.

Links to this video:
YouTube link: https://youtu.be/ty7APADAa8g
Vimeo link: https://vimeo.com/245661935

Many thanks to Ken Richings for doing the hard work of editing and preparing the video for publication.

The full Malaysia presentation titled, A World Without Money and Interest: A pathway toward social justice and economic equity, can be found here.

12 responses to “Disruptive Technologies are Making Money Obsolete

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  2. Tom, I find this your best presentation. Movitvated to resppond in a blog post: http://nuet.us/2017/12/20/disruptive-technologies-up2met/


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  4. Thom, Have you looked azlo.com? Thanks for this piece.


    • Hi Nancy, personal messages like this are best sent via email to my regular address.
      I’ve not heard of azlo. What is it?
      I also own nothing except my 17 year old car, but I also owe nothing to banks or major creditors.


  5. Cash, not money, surely?


  6. CryptoCurrency epidemic: more countries consider alternatives against dollar domination tyranny


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