My conversation with Emily Peyton and Jim Hoag

In this conversation we discuss our collective predicament and what people are doing to preserve our freedoms, assert our rights, and build a better world.

4 responses to “My conversation with Emily Peyton and Jim Hoag

  1. Hi.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge, expertise and wisdom in this video. If it’s ok I’m wondering what you think of this system in Africa.

    I’m not part of it but I curious to know what you think. Thank you


  2. Here are my latest formulations:

    (1) Scam-proof Direct Systems > Scam-prone Indirect Systems:

    No one likes being scammed.
    Let’s pivot everyone from scam-prone Indirect Systems to scam-proof Direct Systems

    (2) Change the Usurping System, not be just be Anti-X:

    When Indirect Democracy has been perfidiously used to usurp the citizenry
    of which “X” is merely the next/ latest scheme to do so
    then, to restore and ensure real Self-Determination
    – to return to the citizenry their rights and
    – to safeguard against usurpation – present and future.
    Direct Democracy is the proper, logical answer
    AND NOT just be non-compliant / “Anti-X”

    (3) If Corporatocracy is the problem, then let’s decorporatize…:

    (4) You Are the Company You Keep (pun intended):

    In Summary – Our Focus Algorithm:
    Paradigm: usurper-shunned > usurper-centred
    > Systems: Direct Systems > Indirect Systems
    > Systems Actors / Schemes / Rabbitholes



    The importance of understanding Homo Economicus’s fall from the garden of Eden, in order to accelerate (his) return.

    “What (man) does not understand (he) fears”. E C Riegel

    “By what (man) falls, by that (he) rises”. -Kulitantra Nerva

    “And you shall know the TRUTH, and the truth shall set you free”-John8:32

    “Practically and analytically, a credit theory of money is preferable to a monetary theory of credit”. – Joseph A Schumpeter

    “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe that they are free” – Johan Von Goethe

    There is a saying: “Hell, is being in Heaven, but not noticing it”. That is a very good description of our current global predicament. Today, we have more abundance, of most things, than at any time in history, yet the vast majority of humanity, live with perpetual scarcity. Why is this?

    There is another saying, this one attributed to Henry Kissenger: “if you control the food, you control a nation. If you control the energy, you control a region. If you control the money, you control the world”

    Here’s an interesting observation. Before anybody can control anything, it has to exist. It has to have materiality. We can ONLY control THINGS, like food or energy because it exists. We cannot control something that does not exist. THING’S have materiality. Nobody can control conceptual ideas. One conceptual idea (amongst many others), that has enabled humans to prosper, are the measurement systems that we developed and fine-tuned over time. These ideas were translated into instruments/tools that could be used by everybody, free of charge. You might need to buy a ruler or a tape measure, but nobody is going to charge you every time you measure something. To contemplate the idea that anybody can thus exert control over the USE, off centimeters, or meters or grams or kilograms, that we use daily, is not only absurd, it’s downright insane.

    Yet that is exactly the true state of affairs when it comes to the measurement system we use in our economic affairs. Every time we use our “economic measurement instrument”, our credit (”money”) tool, we have to pay, for using it. How did this happen?

    In order to fully comprehend how we ended up with a situation, where credit (“money”) now controls everything, we need a brief history of the evolution of trade (the exchange of goods & services)

    As humans started producing surpluses (more than what they consumed), coupled with the increase in the specialization of their labor (people started doing different things) we had the first inklings of material abundance. More stuff and a greater variety of stuff was the net effect.

    Clearly this increase in both the quantity (and quality, again thanks to the specialization of labor) as well as the variety of goods and services, had zero value to the individual producers. The only value that could be realized, lay in the RECIPROCAL gifting/exchange of the goods & services amongst one another- the community. So began trade. Initially these “trades”, were reciprocal, meaning Private Credit (PC) was extended on a personal basis with “records kept”, of who is “indebted” to who, and by how much, using a “unit of account”.

    It is important to clarify what it meant (at this point in the human exchange journey), to be indebted. It simply meant that (as a producer of value) you had a responsibility (having received the “gift”) of a certain amount of value (a physical good or service), to reciprocate (at some point in the future) with an equivalent “amount” of value, (good or service) to anybody that is part of the trading community. This is so, because your acceptance of a credit note (in exchange for your particular good or service), made it possible for you to “claim back” (receive equivalent value) from ANYBODY within the trading community. Therefore your “debt” was owed to EVERYBODY (the entire trading community) and not to the individual from who you received the initial value. This happens to be a most fundamental distinction.

    At this point, being “indebted” was really an honor code amongst the collective of producers of value (trades persons). To use modern terms, what this all meant was the “seller” (the person who parted with their gift/value) TRUSTED that you, the “byer” (who received the gift of value) will, at some point in the future, “repay” the trust, that a particular “seller” had placed in you (as a producer of value) by reciprocating with an equivalent gift of value, by “selling” your unique surplus production (value), to ANY other producer within the entire trading network, and not necessarily to a particular individual trader.

    It was this, the proliferation in the use of Private Communal Credit, more than any other factor, that caused everybody within the community to prosper. Over time various instruments emerged, and were used (based on their appropriateness, as time moved on) to perform this “measurement & record keeping” function.

    The most important take away here, is that an Emergent Private Communal Credit (EPCC) system (meaning the spontaneous creation and expunction of credit – a record (book entry) of value received against value given) started operating spontaneously within communities. This became possible through the use of a very rudimentary Information Technology (IT), that kept evolving. It was this EPCC system that was at the heart of the earliest efforts of humanity’s gifting/exchange/trade, and NOT barter, as is most often (incorrectly) assumed.

    Thus EPCC, in combination with ever greater specialization of labor, is what led to an exponential increase in, not only in individual people’s quality of life, but also in the entire communities’ upliftment, as EVERYBODY now had access (via a spontaneous credit instrument) to a much greater variety of goods & services than before, brought about by the specialization of labor

    This fact is of critical importance as, there is zero anthropological evidence to support the claim that “money” emerged from barter. Instead, a rudimentary information management system of EPCC, which purely performed a measurement and record keeping function, (by measuring/evaluating different economic inputs and outputs, and then keeping records over time) is what ultimately BECAME “money”. The measure part, (purely an abstract idea) was the first spontaneous emergence of “a unit of account” which we still use in our current definition of “money”.

    The “keeping of records” part, was the first inkling of the banker, as somebody was put in charge of keeping the records, of the gifts/trades, using a unit of measure. People were quite happy, to part with their chickens, in exchange for a “PROMISE”, (a credit instrument that measured & recorded) that confirmed/validated that the holder of the promise is entitled to (based on the value they previously relinquished – “gave up”), equivalent value from ANY other creator/producer of value, within the “network” of trades people.

    Overnight everybody was turned into pro-sumers, by being simultaneously BOTH producers and consumers. (Today things are very different. We have more and more consolidation of production, with the remainder of the human population having been turned primarily into consumers). This was a game changer, (the emergence of the Pro-Sumer) that caused early gifting/exchange to explode. From this moment on we called it trade.

    What is critical to understand, is that with this new tool, (an information management system of EPCC) people in essence, still traded goods & services for other good & services. The EPCC was merely the “technology” that enabled an explosion in the amount and diversity of goods & services, that could now be gifted/exchanged /traded

    However, because this EPCC technology was “just a human conceptual idea”, there was NO limit on the economic value that could be measured & recorded, and therefore gifted/exchanged. The only thing that was limited, was the inputs (real goods & services) and outputs (real goods & services) of the various producers of the ever expanding, range of goods & services, produced and consumed by the trading community. What this EPCC system achieved, was to balance our production with consumption, as without consumption, production was, and still is, meaningless.

    Because of the incredible liberating power that this new EPCC “technology” offered (holders of the EPCC instrument could get anything that was available from the entire market) the ENTIRE community, it didn’t take long for holders to realize the benefits of “saving/hording” these “credits”, as it wasn’t necessary for them to immediately spend their “credits”. The EPCC system enabled producers to part with their value (goods & services), and a time period could pass (because the record remained, whilst they “lost/gave up” their physical value) before they needed to claim the value they gifted/forfeited previously. This was the most powerful and liberating benefit that this new EPCC “technology” afforded the entire trading community.

    This was also the moment where spontaneous (emergent) credit took on a second function, when people realized that they could STORE their surplus production (value), IN this new credit instrument. It didn’t take long for people to start calling what essentially was credit, “money”. Producers could thus hold on to (store) their credit, and whenever they felt the time was right, they could use it, to receive/claim value from ANY other producer, believing now that the true value actually “resided in the credit instrument” and not in the real goods & services.

    Although this line of reasoning seemed logical, it was a big mistake, for which we are still paying the price today. In reality The REAL value wasn’t transferred “into” the credit instrument. It remained in the actual goods & services, that the credit instrument merely measured and recorded, iow the credit instrument, remained purely a utility (a measuring & recording device) from the time that the trader gave up value -by selling something – to the time that the trader receives back value, when buying something.

    In essence people continued to trade goods & services, for other goods & services, USING an EPCC technology. Unfortunately this EPCC system was so effective that almost overnight people started believing that they now traded their goods & services FOR “money”.

    It’s at this point where homo economicus fell from the garden. By the unconscious act, of cloaking money in materiality and therefore falsely, accepting EPCC (purely a measuring & recording technology) to be a store of value, (a commodity) as well as a unit of account (a unit of measure) This was the moment where the measurement /recording instrument, became a THING (commodity)

    What people did not realize at that point (and still don’t, to this day) is the fact that, by combining these two ideas (measure & commodity) into one, they set up a CONTRADICTION, that to this day, lies at the heart of our “money” troubles, simply because Measure and Commodity are: MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE. For any “unit of measure”, to be reliable (and therefore trustworthy) it CANNOT ALSO be a COMMODITY ((which is what the unit of account became, by cloaking it in materiality)

    From this point on, people accepted that the REAL value (according to their reasoning) was now safely “stored” in the credit instrument (arguing that the EPCC instrument has now become a store of value). Although this seemed a rational deduction, it had fatal consequences, which are being felt today, and are now coming to a head with the current, “unsolvable” Global Sovereign Debt Crisis (GSDC)

    As a natural consequence to this reasoning, the next thing that happened was people developed the IDEA that money (as a store of value) IS also a medium of exchange. People started to accept a reality where they believed that they now traded their goods & services, NOT for other goods & services, (reciprocal gifting/exchange – using a private credit information system), but instead they now traded their goods & services for “money”.

    “Money” now became THE medium, (the thing) that made exchange possible, AS IF, without this medium, we cannot trade, immaterial/despite an abundance of goods & services being available, coupled with a limitless (incalculable) demand for the expanding availability of new goods & services.

    It’s clear that this was the REAL fall from the garden. Where gifting/exchange/trade used to be a natural and a limitless phenomenon, (where the EPCC technology) merely measured and recorded our spontaneous gifts/exchanges/trades (credit as an OUTPUT OF EXCHANGE, by utilizing an EPCC Instrument), it now became an unnatural and limited exercise, because from this point on (once we tacitly accepted that “money” is THE medium of exchange, as well as a store of value), “money” CONTROLLED exchange, as from this point on, it became a commodity, that needed to be supplied, as an INPUT TO exchange. As a consequence, (due to the key role that “money” now played, having become the commodity of ALL commodities) it became only natural for the powerful to want to exert control OVER this thing we called “money”.

    With control comes power, and, whoever exerted control over this new “unit of account”/“medium of exchange”/”store of value” conflation/concoction, also exerted control over ALL trade.

    What caused the “fall from the garden” was our (the 99% of humanity) unconscious and Tacit (unquestioning) acceptance of a transition FROM EPCC, TO what can only be described as system of “Monopolized Credit” (MC). This transition happened when the entire trading community started accepting the FALSE proposition of EPCC , now having it’s own unique value, as a commodity.

    From this short synopses, it is evident that: Central & Commercial Banks, The World Bank, The IMF ( and their latest creations, the Digital Currency Monetary Authority DCMA, together with their proposed new CBDC unit of account called the Universal Monetary Unit- UMU) , The BIS (and there latest project, ice breaker), Inflation, Recessions, Quantitative Easing (credit expansion), Quantitative Tightening (credit contraction), Interest Rates, Credit Markets, Future’s Contracts, with its associated anomalies – backwardation & contango, Credit scoring, Credit Risk, Dis-inflation, Currency Risk, Bond Risk, Yield Curves (, The Debt Ceiling, Inverted Yield Curves, ZIRP, TARP, The Fiscal Cliff, Hard Landings, Soft Landings, Haircuts, The FED’s Put/Pivot, Stock and Bond markets, The Sovereign Debt Crisis, even the moves afoot by the BRICS+ countries to reintroduce a “new” gold backed currency and (the ultimate confirmation and giveaway) Exchange Controls , to name just a few, are ALL:


    aimed at MAINTAINING credit’s “cloak of materiality”, because: CONTROLING some-THING, which BY IT’S VERY NATURE IS NOT CONTROLEABLE, is what makes it possible (in the words of Henry Kissinger) to “control the world”.

    These institutions and their collective efforts /approaches/plans/tactics/tools that they employ, in order for them to maintain “money’s” materiality, (its commodity status) can be aptly referred to as The Capital Order, (from Clara Mattei’s 2022 book title) or The Devine Right of Capital (from Marjorie Kelly’s 2001 book title).

    It is highly unlikely that The Capital Order will be able to sustain its controlling power over “money” as a commodity, because (as has been pointed out in this essay) it is NOT possible to control any system of measurement and record keeping, just like, there is nobody controlling the grams/kg at the supermarket fresh produce section. Imagine the mayhem, if you are told that you cannot buy potatoes or onions, because the store has run out of grams/kg on their scale, or you cannot build a table, because there are no more meters available on your tape measure. Interestingly a recent (18 April 2023) front-page article in a leading South African newspaper (the Business Day), made reference to just such an absurdity, with a headline article entitled: “Africa’s credit may run out”.

    The longer this debt-based Capital Order (credit’s materiality) is maintained, the deeper we (the 99%) enter into the dessert of desperation & conflict. This is so because, in order for the Global Elite, aptly referred to by David Morgan, as the unproductive class (the bankers and their political lackeys, who does their bidding) to retain control over the issuance of “monopolized credit” (“money”, in its materialized guise), they have no choice but to centralize their efforts ever more, as they have to find a way to “park/forgive” the pile of unpayable debt, which is the direct result of a commodity approach to credit as outlined in this essay. The development and piloting of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC’s) globally, is their proposed solution to the “debt crisis”, and one need not be a genius to conclude that one, you cannot “solve” a debt problem, with more debt (by maintaining “money’s” commodity status), and secondly (and more importantly) with ever more centralized control of monopolized credit (MC) – “money”, society at large will experience less and less freedom and sovereignty in the days ahead.

    I think the following reflection is also both important and timely. Life, Universal Intelligence, God, Allah – call it what you like, Self Organizes at the quantum scale. Today a lot is being made about Artificial Intelligence (AI). In fact, if the promotors are to be believed, the future of humanity will not only be shaped by AI but will depend on AI. That is a very scarry thought that needs to be reflected on deeply. I contend that to base the future of humanity on an intelligence that is NOT REAL, (artificial, as the name clearly states)) is, not only, looking for trouble, but it’s the hallmark of insanity. It certainly is not a wise course of action. Spontaneous Self-Organization is the hallmark of a Universal Intelligence. This intelligence is NOT artificial, but REAL, and expresses itself in what can be termed INFINITE ABBUNDANCE (IA). This IA can be observed all around us, in the natural world in which we Live, Move and Have our Being (the proverbial garden of EDEN – Heaven)

    Clearly, we have our priorities (literally our letters the wrong way round AI instead of IA) mixed up. Instead of embracing IA, (as an organizing principle for human affairs, (including our economic affairs) we seem to be embracing (more and more) AI, as “the magic bullet” for all our challenges. Having said that, I don’t deny for one minute, the incredible benefits and the role that technology played in “moving us forwards and upwards”, as a species.

    To believe that AI can somehow replace, or is superior to Natural Evolution, expressed through the observable IA that surrounds us all, is the hallmark of human hubris.

    Bringing all this back to Homo Economicus’s “fall from the Garden of Eden”. Self-Organization (and Its twin cousin IA) is an entirely different beast to Central Planning. When humans started out on their gifting/exchange/trade journey, they developed and implemented (started using) a Unit of Account, credit/payment system. It was this single idea that enabled, gifting/exchange/trade to flourish. What followed was a Spontaneous, Self-Organized flourishing in (man’s) material (economic) affairs. Economically speaking, the Infinite Abundance of the natural world started appearing in our economic affairs as well.

    The reason for this flourishing of exchange was the fact that there was no bottleneck, no “shortage of credit units” (grams at the supermarket scale) with which to effect exchanges (trades), as at that point, credit had not yet become cloaked in materiality (a commodity) More importantly, at this point, NOBODY was in CONTROL of the “Credit Units” (they emerged spontaneously FROM transactions/exchanges), as with no materiality, it was merely a LIMMITLESS RECORD of a MEASURE, of exchanged overt (real) VALUE – an OUTPUT OF an exchange and NOT a CONTROLEABLE, INPUT TO exchange, as is the case today.

    There is a growing body of evidence that suggests that the most recent developments surrounding the BRICS+ block, planning the implementation of a “new” gold “backed” settlement currency, is because they had grown tired of the USA being a “schoolyard bully”, with the power (an unfair advantage) that the dollar as the global reserve currency has given the USA. It is an “unfair” privilege/advantage that they have enjoyed, since the end of the second world war. However, these moves towards a “new” gold “backed” settlement currency, will only create a new schoolyard bully, as the “material cloak” of a commodity “money” will remain in tact.

    There is also growing support for the view that what is currently unfolding in the Ukraine specifically, and across the world in general, as seen in the growing threat between the USA and Europe (the NATO Alliance) on the one side, and China and Russia, (together with the BRICS+ countries on the other side), that this is really a “fight” that will determine whether the USA (with the help of its European allies), will remain the bully, (with. The $ remaining as the worlds “reserve” currency) or whether the China Russia block (with the help of the BRICS+ countries) will become the new bully (with their own configuration of a “new” commodity “backed” currency, that in all probability will include gold).

    Even worse, as a potential outcome, could be that the people (the 99%) might now (depending on what happens) have to contend with 2 bullies, as the dollar (given its embedded dominance in global trade, but more importantly in “Financial Markets”, which has nothing to do with trade, but is in fact nothing more than a rent seeking machine (something for nothing) is not going to disappear overnight. Whichever way this “fight” eventually plays out, humanity (the 99%) will still be left with a “money”, cloaked in materiality, with all its associated shortcomings.

    Finally, it is critically important to understand that ECONOMIES RUN ON CREDIT, (not “money”) just like they did, when Homo Economicus started gifting their surplus production. Proof for this is that in South Africa our commercial banks are registered as Credit Providers (not “money” providers) and the regulator is called the National Credit Regulator (NCR).

    Therefore, the FUNDAMENTAL issue that humanity has to resolve is which TYPE of credit (system), is the most suitable/advantageous, and therefore serves the bulk of humanity best, in the year 2023. By briefly contrasting the key features of Emergent Private Communal Credit (EPCC) with that of (the current) Monopolized Credit (MC), I think the answer is self-evident – to any rational person. It is this rationality that will be required in order for humanity to “return” to a system of EPCC, (the proverbial Garden of Eden). Only a return to EPCC (in the long run) can ensure Global Societal Stability, and therefore ultimately its Sustainability. When exchange breaks down (the ability for people to exchange goods & services necessary for our survival) – people & societies perish. This is a direct interpretation (but more poignant) of the statement: “where there is no vision, the people perish”


    Decentralization of Credit Centralization of Credit
    Leads to devolution of power Leads to centralization of power
    No Interest Based on Interest
    Stable by design Unstable by design
    Credit based Commodity based
    Collective in scope Individualistic in scope
    Inflation proof Inflation baked in
    True Free Market -Say’s Law No Free Market -traduces Say’s Law
    Endogenous (from within) Exogenous (from without)
    Decreases Inequality Increases Inequality exponentially
    Prosperity baked in Austerity baked in

    No matter what arguments the “goldbugs” or the “sound money” theorists, come up with as a replacement for the current MC system (that has now finally reached the end of the runway, as the debt “can”, cannot be kicked any further down the road) their “solutions” (a return to some form of a gold standard) or as has been suggested, physically using gold/silver as “money” (which they claim is the ONLY “money”, and has been for the last 5000 years), not only maintains the materiality of “money”, (with all the problems associated with a commodity approach to “money”, as briefly outlined here), but most importantly, it is hopelessly impractical in the year 2023.

    There is just not enough gold & silver (or copper) available with which to carry out trillions of daily transactions across the world, and even if there was, just imagine for a moment the safety issues that would unfold, if we started paying for all our purchases with precious metals. It’s ludicrous to even contemplate a return to such a system.

    We often hear the phrase (especially right now, given the rate at which banks are collapsing and will continue to collapse globally) “all FIAT currencies ultimately collapse”. This sentiment is mostly peddled by those who want to “return” to a gold standard (the gold bugs/sound money supporters). What is interesting to note is the fact that “gold backing’” is by their (the goldbugs) own admission, only PARTLY “backed” by gold. There is no definitive percentage, but it seems to range anything from 20-40%. For the reasons articulated here, returning to metals, whilst maintaining a material/commodity approach to credit, is merely going to perpetuate all the problems inherent in a MC system.

    Therefore, we argue that it is not FIAT currencies per se, that is the problem, but rather a particular approach to FIAT – namely the material/commodity orientation.

    The most impactful non-violent resistance, (one could even call it a revolution) left for the people (the 99%) of this planet, lies in large scale adoption (effectively a “return to”) of Credit Systems based on EPCC, to replace the current “Monopolized Credit System”. The reason why this system “became” monopolized, was for the reason outlined above, (but needs repeating once again, given what’s at stake) was due to a small but fatal error, namely the unconscious acceptance that “credit had putt on a material garment” – it BECAME a thing.

    The simple act of removing the “veil of credit’s materiality” will enable a “return” to a Direct Exchange Economy. However, this time it will be a Quantum Direct Exchange Economy (QDEE).

    With today’s quantum computing technology, Decentralized Autonomous Private Payment Systems (DAPPS) is no longer a pipedream, but indeed implementable, and a lot more practical as a safe, stable and inflation proof way to process trillions of daily transactions (value exchanges), compared to the use of “metals”. A prototype of just such a DAPPS, (LOVE Currency) has been developed and seeks your active support, in order to scale and ultimately to ensure large scale adoption of the EPCC approach.

    If you value your personal sovereignty, (the freedom to make choices, like whether you choose to eat beef, or any other food type, instead of you being prescribed /dictated through CBDC’s to eat insects as a protein source – a very scary prediction made recently by the legendary monetary transformer Thomas H Greco) you have no other choice but to support this revolutionary project, (or any other similar interoperable technology built using a similar approach). These EPCC technologies will make possible a “return” to a Direct Exchange Economy, on a quantum scale, (exactly like it happens in the natural world), due to the emergence and subsequent merging of 3 phenomena, Quantum Computing, Distributed Ledger Technology (in essence Triple Entry Accounting, or what’s more commonly known as the blockchain) and Smartphones.

    Obviously, “unseating” the current MC paradigm can only be achieved through large scale support and adoption of EPCC systems, as the “new/old” paradigm for global trade. Therefore, your financial support (in any current fiat form) is essential, (given the task at hand and the resistance this transition would need to overcome).

    However, what is even more important (if you resonate with the message put forth here), is that you share this widely. This is absolutely imperative, as what will ultimately determine the successful “return” to the “new/old” paradigm of EPCC., is when enough people (a critical mass) understand (have developed a certain level of Adaequatio, meaning the understanding of the knower must be adequate to the thing to be known) the “root cause” of the current systems failing: namely the material/commodity approach to credit (“money”).

    Isn’t it ironic that the “returns” (“growing” our available “tokens of trade”-TOT’s) most of us seek, (and which often dominates our existence) either through long term strategic “investment”, or through short term speculation, but very few ever achieve within the MC paradigm, is in fact limitless when credit is no longer seen as a physical thing, but instead (once again) seen as a utility for measuring/evaluating trade, within a formal framework of transactions/payments.

    Once we (again) start using EPCC on a global scale, statements like “Africa’s credit may run out” will not only be viewed as absurd, but more importantly it will also never ever again be possible to “run out of credit”, just like it is impossible to ever run out of grams at the supermarket scale. The only things we can “run out” of, are real goods like potatoes and onions, in our supermarket example, and services like dentistry.

    Just imagine what possibilities for Peace & Prosperity (Infinite Abundance) that a “return” to EPCC Systems, will make possible for the human family as a whole.

    The Beatle’s might just well be proven right, when on the 7th of July (7th month) 1967, (note the 777, also known as the angel number, the proverbial jackpot) they released their hit song – “All you (the 99% of humanity) need is LOVE”.

    LOVE Currency, (and its competitors, built using the same approach -mutual credit/credit clearing) might just return humanity to the proverbial “garden of Eden (Heaven), whereas, the love OF “money”, (the Capital Order and its desire for total control of “money” as the single most important commodity) is leading us to a dystopian nightmare (CBDC’s), which is becoming more real with every passing day, – the proverbial Hell.

    If we, (the 99%) cannot muster the collective courage & intelligence, to start using (as we did when we started out on our gifting/exchange journey) EPCC as the preferred liquidity system to carry out trade in 2023, then we certainly deserve to be the “Debt Slaves” that we currently are and continue to live the illusion that we are free.

    I would like to conclude with the wise words of TS Elliot.

    “We shall not cease from exploration
    And in the end of all our exploring
    Will be to arrive, where we started
    And know (understand) the place (the thing we call “money”) for the first time”

    The author would like to express his gratitude to the University of Life, from whose fountain he drank freely, over the last 60 odd years. The writings of E C Riegel, Marc Gauvin and Mostafa Moini, as well as David Graeber and Richard Werner need particular acknowledgement. Their monumental contributions to elucidating the TRUE NATURE of credit (“money”), not only enabled, but also forms the foundation of the LOVE Currency DAPPS architecture.

    The LOVE in LOVE Currency is an acronym for Limitless Overt Value Exchange and the symbol chosen for the Unit of Account is ❤️.

    Johan Verster
    Greenside Johannesburg South Africa
    April 2023

    (….) -Indicates Gender Neutrality
    Currency: The perpetual & Limitless (never ending) FLOW (creation & expunction) of Emergent Private Communal Trade Credit
    “Financial assets” are not Overt (real) Value, neither is Bitcoin.
    MONEY: My Own Natural Energetic Yield

    An interesting, yet noteworthy observation, is that the title for this essay, emerged spontaneously (although the content has been unfolding for me over the last 5 decades, as a result of an experience I had in 1971, in a bank) over what, in the Christian religious tradition is “celebrated” as the crucifixion and subsequent “resurrection” (Easter weekend) of the central figure in the Christian religion – Jesus Christ.

    It’s Interesting, because, whether we “believe” it or not, one of the organizing principles of Universal Intelligence is the Collective Unconscious. In other religious traditions, this principle is called the Akashic Record. In a more secular vain, Rupert Sheldrake has termed this the Morphic Field (Non-Local Mind). It actually does not matter what we call it, what matters is that it EXISTS, and that it influences our thoughts & actions. This field therefore shapes our unfolding reality, including both the title as well as the content of this message.


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