A 93 year old French war hero’s call to (non-violent) arms

A January 3 article (The little red book that swept France) in one of Britain’s leading newspapers tells of the phenomenal success of a small book written recently by a 93 year-old war hero which urges people to resist the “insolent, selfish power of money and markets.”

Here are a few excerpts:

“They dare to tell us that the State can no longer afford policies to support its citizens,” Mr Hessel says. “But how can money be lacking … when the production of wealth has enormously increased since the Liberation (of France), at a time when Europe was ruined? The only explanation is that the power of money … has never been so great or so insolent or so selfish and that its servants are placed in the highest reaches of the State.”

“I would like everyone – everyone of us – to find his or her own reason to cry out. That is a precious gift. When something makes you want to cry out, as I cried out against Nazism, you become a militant, tough and committed. You become part of the great stream of history … and this stream leads us towards more justice and more freedom but not the uncontrolled freedom of the fox in the hen-house.”

It is high time that ethics, justice and a sustainable balance prevailed…”

I hope the book (Indignez vous! (Cry out!)) will soon be available in English.

One response to “A 93 year old French war hero’s call to (non-violent) arms

  1. It seems so sad to me that a 93 year old man has to be the one to cry out against the greed of money in our world. Seems that the yongue people of the world should be the ones leading the charge to turn this economic mess around.
    If we even go back a short time it was the young people that stood up against the Vietnam war; they were the ones that made the difference and brought an end to the injustice that was being perpetrated against another people in another country.
    Why is it that there are not more people in this world that can see what is happening to the economic systems of the world and stand up against this injustice.
    Why are the grossly rich still taking much more and telling the poor that there is nothing they can do for them?
    Why is it that greater numbers do nothing to turn this economic system around? It is time for the peoples of the world to unite against the greed and share resources to help each other.


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