The Greek Tragedy

The link below takes you to a Reuters report on the Athens protests of yesterday, Thursday, October 18.

I traveled yesterday by motor coach from Volos to Athens, getting off at the Patissia train station and boarding the metro line. At the metro station where I got off there were taxis waiting and picking up passengers. Everything seemed normal to me. It seems that the reported demonstrations must have been limited to the area around the Parliament building, and the strike may not have been as general as the press reported.

In any case, the developing situation here in Greece is a clear manifestation of how nation states are being forced to surrender sovereignty upward to the elite international power group that controls the global system of money, banking, and finance. All other countries are caught in the same usury-debt trap and will follow in order. As this plan for an (undemocratic) new world order proceeds, national politicians will do the bidding of their global masters and the police and military will be used to suppress popular dissent. Demonstrations are often infiltrated by agents provocateur whose role it is to initiate violence and provide an excuse for police brutality and ultimately the imposition of martial law.

While it is important for people to express their disapproval and outrage, and to speak truth to power, it is essential that we exercise the power we already have to take care of ourselves and each other.

We must first of all reduce our dependence on the global systems that are controlled by the power elite and are used to exploit and repress us. We must begin by becoming independent of their money system.

It is essential that we join together in solidarity to assure that everyone’s basic needs are taken care of. We must cooperate in building new structures that enable us to satisfy our basic needs together in our own communities. Most important amongst these new structures are trading networks that enable us to exchange our goods and services without borrowing from banks and without the use of political money. This is the pathway toward economic democracy, without which political democracy remains an elusive dream.–t.h.g.

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  1. Arnaldo Spicacci

    God bless us all……


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