Daily Archives: January 29, 2008

How to Include Employees in the Credit Clearing Process

Since employees are also consumers, and since labor is a major component at every level of the supply chain from retail to wholesale to manufacturing to basic commodity production, it is essential that ways be be found to include wages and benefits in the process of cashless exchange. The matter is complicated by the various legislative restrictions on how, and in what form, employees must be paid. While it may not be possible in many cases to substitute local currencies or trade (“barter”) credits for cash wages, it probably IS possible to pay employee bonuses and benefits in alternative exchange media.

In his comment to an article on this topic that appeared in Bob Meyer’s BarterNewsBlog, Harold Rice says, “Barter however IS a good way to pay staff benefits, thereby allowing you pay for chiropractic, dental, optometric expenses Etc. with before tax trade dollars.”

This is a topic that merits much more research and discussion.