Financial Chaos and the Dollar’s Demise

Here are two very important items that have come my way recently. They help to fill in the picture of what is happening and what is about to happen that will profoundly effect the lives of everyone on the planet. This is no time to be complacent or distracted by trivia. — t.h.g.

Hal Turner Displays the Amero Note

A short time back I reported that Hal Turner had displayed a purported official Amero coin on YouTube. Now I’ve received an email containing material from his website in which he is displaying a purported official Amero note.

You can read all about it and see a picture of the note here.

Turner  reports that, “Two days ago, YouTube/Google notified me that my video had been deleted and my account permanently closed at the request of the United States Treasury Department. The Treasury department told YouTube/Google that my video was ‘destabilizing the U.S. Dollar and was thus a threat to national security’.”

He further claims that “In October, 2008, I received word that the U.S. government shipped 800 Billion AMEROS to the China development bank,” and that he is aware of plans to soon demonetize the dollar and devaluate it by 90%. Alarmist fantasy? Perhaps, but the past few years have shown the powers that be becoming ever more brazen in their looting of the American economy and forcing the lower and middle classes to pay the cost. I’ve seen no independent confirmation of Turner’s allegations but in light of what I know about monetary and banking history, together with the most recent political and financial malfeasance, nothing would surprise me. This is a plausible scenario. The American economy, its financial system, and the US dollar could not have been more badly managed if the people in charge had tried. Well, is it unreasonable to conclude that they have indeed been trying? You and I and the great majority have been forced for a very long time to play Santa Clause to those who have been the naughtiest. When will we put a stop to it?

Dennis Kucinich’s amazing story

Everyone should read the amazing story of Congressman Dennis Kucinich’s battle with the banks during his tenure as Mayor of Cleveland. I received it in an email just a couple days ago from the Kucinich Committee. The article, Rep. Dennis Kucinich on His Battle With the Banks, it says was originally posted by Congressman Kucinich on December 15 at You can still find it there. The story has all the elements of a fictional drama, including conspiracy, harassment, and assassination attempts. It’s a story that, on a localized scale, is reminiscent of Andrew Jackson’s “Bank War” against Nicholas Biddle and the Second Bank of the United States.

Kucinich is clearly a courageous champion of the public interest.

6 responses to “Financial Chaos and the Dollar’s Demise

  1. You can get 5-6 DKK for each dollar you have. A couple of years ago you could get up to 8-9 DKK per us dollars. That means it cheap for us to shop in the US


  2. J.T. Brown III

    More possible evidence that the Amero coin story from Hal Turner could have simply been his own fantasy:

    Read the above and you decide!


  3. Alex Jones says that Hal Turner is and FBI undercover agent. True or not, his racist views are nothing to be associated with. Be careful.


  4. Hey Thomas,

    I think that you raise one point that I have often thought about throughout the Bush years and that is why have they chosen very blatantly to effectively bankrupt the American government. There is no doubt that this was part of an agenda as many of the “financial” decisions made were not critical but rather the result of chosen actions (going to war in Iraq).

    My main conclusion is that the goal in great part is to bankrupt the American government so that almost all of our services and social programs essentially need to be farmed out creating the “reduced government” and “privatization” of our government. This approach is clearly part of the neo-con and “free market” capitalist rhetoric of the current administration. I believe it was Naomi Klein who wrote a great article about the approach that the US government took in Iraq. Essentially privatizing the entire country in the belief that the market would serve the development needs of the country best.

    This is the same approach that is being used in the USA. An attempt to force us to utilize private enterprise to meet all of our needs – except military which will be “controlled” through the government.

    I am curious to see what comes of the Amero conversation!!


  5. It seems these pictures of the Amero are actually just concept art or just an art project.

    Amero (20A bill)


    • Yes, Turner is probably overreaching here, but the point is valid that the powers that be intend to replace national currencies with three regional currencies, then most likely a single global currency. Ben Steil, chief economist for the Council on Foreign Relations has said as much. See my other post on that.


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