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2023 April Newsletter — The state of the world, and what’s being done about it.

In this issue:

  • Private and complementary currency systems: purposes, principles, practices, and performance.
  • Peace or Empire?
  • Disturbing Thoughts (about the economy)

Private and complementary currency systems: purposes, principles, practices, and performance is now online.
            In October of last year (2022) I gave a remote presentation to the 6th Biennial RAMICS International Congress in Bulgaria. RAMICS is the Research Association on Monetary Innovation and Community and Complementary Currency Systems, which includes both academics and practitioners. In my illustrated presentation titled, Private and complementary currency systems: purposes, principles, practices, and performance, I provided a concise summary of key points and fundamental principles that need to be understood in order to transcend the dysfunctional and destructive political money system by decentralizing the control of credit and creating honest and effective, non-political exchange media. Here is an abstract of its contents.  
Through the generous assistance and editing work of Ken Richings, the presentation is now available for viewing on YouTube.
Peace or Empire?
            Dennis Kucinich at Rage Against the War Machine
At the February 19 anti-war rally in Washington, DC, former US Congressman Dennis Kucinich made an inspired call for peace, justice, compassion, and an end to corruption in government. I don’t believe that any reasonable person of good would disagree with his message. In a subsequent message, Can they ‘repeal’ the dead? Ask Orwell, Kucinich recounts the criminal invasion of Iraq by the US in 2003, the lies which were used to justify it, and its tremendous cost in material resources and lost lives. Another major consequence has been an erosion of trust in the US government both at home and abroad.
            Graham E. Fuller, in this recent post, outlines the Long Term Implications of the US destruction of Nordstream 2 Pipeline.
            The achievement of peace in the world requires mutual respect and good faith negotiations, but unfortunately, peace is not the goal of those who have for some time been in control the US government under administrations of both parties, rather, they are bent on achieving “full spectrum dominance” and have chosen to restart the Cold War in hopes of weakening Russia and forcing it into line with the agenda of the New World Order in which the Western powers control all the Earth’s resources. If you want to get a more accurate picture of what’s actually been going on in eastern Europe, pay attention to former Marine and UN nuclear weapons inspector, Scott Ritter starting with his post, Give peace a chance.
            Economist Michael Hudson adds his voice to the matter, arguing that Germany has become an economic satellite of America’s New Cold War with Russia, China and the rest of Eurasia.
            And to round out the story of why the world is now on the brink of an unprecedented catastrophe, listen to the ever insightful Noam Chomsky, still sharp and coherent at age 94, speak about Putin, Ukraine, China, and Nuclear War.
Disturbing Thoughts (about the economy)
            John Mauldin is “a visionary thinker, a noted financial expert, a New York Times best-selling author.”  I’ve been a subscriber to his Mauldin Economics newsletter for at least a couple years. This edition seems particularly important, especially the section titled, “We’re Going to Have a Crisis.”
Citing the recent bank failures and the government’s decision to insure even the uninsured depositors, Mauldin observes that deposits will inevitably be withdrawn from smaller banks and placed in banks that are considered “too big to fail.” He argues that a major change is needed but that, “Our political system is sadly not up to the task. The current structure is all we have, and it won’t improve until a crisis forces change.” He quite emphatically concludes that “…the situation demands changes. Which means—and I don’t say this lightly—we’re going to have a crisis which will give us that change.”
Mauldin continues with an analysis of the developing crisis, particularly with regard to small banks’ exposure to declining asset values in commercial real estate.  You can read the entire newsletter at Mauldin Economics.
            In April the Sonoran desert blooms, the fragrance of orange blossoms fills the air along with that of creosote bush, Palo Verde and a host of other plants. The winter chill has gone and the summer heat has not yet arrived. It is a particularly pleasant time to be here. I hope you are enjoying your home turf as much as I am mine.

Kucinich: U.S. Intelligence community trying to undermine Trump, rekindle Cold War

In this Fox News interview, former Ohio Congressman and Presidential candidate, Dennis Kucinich, sounds the alarm that entrenched elements in the U.S. Intelligence community are working to undermine the Trump presidency and derail his attempts to normalize relations with Russia.

When you consider the economic and financial implications of peace, it makes complete sense that the military-industrial-banking complex would fight tooth and nail to stir up conflicts around the world, which is precisely what has been happening.

Whatever we might think of Trump as a man or as a President, the people must rally to support his efforts to cooperate with Russia in quelling the turmoil in Syria and the middle-east and move the world toward peace.

Financial Chaos and the Dollar’s Demise

Here are two very important items that have come my way recently. They help to fill in the picture of what is happening and what is about to happen that will profoundly effect the lives of everyone on the planet. This is no time to be complacent or distracted by trivia. — t.h.g.

Hal Turner Displays the Amero Note

A short time back I reported that Hal Turner had displayed a purported official Amero coin on YouTube. Now I’ve received an email containing material from his website in which he is displaying a purported official Amero note.

You can read all about it and see a picture of the note here.

Turner  reports that, “Two days ago, YouTube/Google notified me that my video had been deleted and my account permanently closed at the request of the United States Treasury Department. The Treasury department told YouTube/Google that my video was ‘destabilizing the U.S. Dollar and was thus a threat to national security’.”

He further claims that “In October, 2008, I received word that the U.S. government shipped 800 Billion AMEROS to the China development bank,” and that he is aware of plans to soon demonetize the dollar and devaluate it by 90%. Alarmist fantasy? Perhaps, but the past few years have shown the powers that be becoming ever more brazen in their looting of the American economy and forcing the lower and middle classes to pay the cost. I’ve seen no independent confirmation of Turner’s allegations but in light of what I know about monetary and banking history, together with the most recent political and financial malfeasance, nothing would surprise me. This is a plausible scenario. The American economy, its financial system, and the US dollar could not have been more badly managed if the people in charge had tried. Well, is it unreasonable to conclude that they have indeed been trying? You and I and the great majority have been forced for a very long time to play Santa Clause to those who have been the naughtiest. When will we put a stop to it?

Dennis Kucinich’s amazing story

Everyone should read the amazing story of Congressman Dennis Kucinich’s battle with the banks during his tenure as Mayor of Cleveland. I received it in an email just a couple days ago from the Kucinich Committee. The article, Rep. Dennis Kucinich on His Battle With the Banks, it says was originally posted by Congressman Kucinich on December 15 at truthdig.com. You can still find it there. The story has all the elements of a fictional drama, including conspiracy, harassment, and assassination attempts. It’s a story that, on a localized scale, is reminiscent of Andrew Jackson’s “Bank War” against Nicholas Biddle and the Second Bank of the United States.

Kucinich is clearly a courageous champion of the public interest.