More Interviews

Over the past few months I’ve given many interviews in which I answer questions and discuss my ideas about money, the exchange process, and how to make the transition to a steady-state economy and a more just and peaceful world. I try to post links to those interviews here on my blog. You’ll find them in the sidebar to the right under “My Audio-visual Presentations.”

One of these, is an 11 minute excerpt titled, Towards a Credit Commons with Thomas H. Greco, Jr., posted on the New Dimensions Radio website at the New Dimensions Café. You can download it from there. The full interview is scheduled to air during the week of September 23-29, 2009. Check the New Dimensions website for radio stations in your area, or to find out about other Listening Options.

I’ve also just posted the interview I did with Joyce Riley for her Power Hour radio show on June 30, 2009, and will soon be posting a follow-up interview with her that was recorded on July 29. That program will also feature commercial trade exchange operator, Annette Riggs (Community Connect), who answers questions about the practical details of operating a private cashless trading system.

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