Congressman Ron Paul tells the truth about the Federal Reserve

Congressman Ron Paul tells the truth about the Federal Reserve and its power to evade Congressional oversight. Watch it here.

2 responses to “Congressman Ron Paul tells the truth about the Federal Reserve

  1. Not long ago the State of Nevada’s legislature made an attempt to correct the Federal Reserve blunder with the help of atty T. David Horton. This link is intend to introduce a viable political approach to the problem. The several States are the ones who must challenge the U.S. Congress to step up and act on the government created un-constitutional money problem. I believe Congressman Paul would be pleased with the direction taken by this old Nevada bill. The vain efforts some States are now attempting to make on this are only small bandaids treating money symptoms and are not dealing with the real cause.


  2. Fantastic. Yes. Our government has thrown away this supreme money prerogative and has allowed this sacred responsibility to be “filched” away to the determent of all. Dr Paul is the only person in the system with the right thinking on the subject. The States and their respective legislatures can deal with this problem by applying the remedy’s as put fourth by the late and brilliant monetary historian David Horton who said . ” …there is the authority in the State Legislature to define or redefine the limits of authority (of Congress) and to enforce those limits within the boundaries of the state. The bad news, of course, is that with the authority comes the responsibility to apply the remedy.
    The power to issue money inheres in the sovereignty of the State and was delegated by the States to the Congress on condition that the Congress, not a privately owned central bank, issue the money.

    The surrender by the Congress to the Federal Reserve Bank of the power to issue the money is a breach of the Constitution and an unlawful usurpation of the power that belongs to the State: it is the State’s responsibility to correct the infraction.

    State governments have previously used there legislative power to correct Constitutional infraction’s and can use the same legislative power to force the Congress to resume its Constitutional obligation to issue our money.

    Who ever out there wants to take on the responsibility to apply the remedy from a political perspective? I will be willing to present you and your State legislature with an approach for this problem Congressman Paul identifies as Dave Horton intended to do.
    Short of this, we must rely on the teachings of E.C. Riegel and FORGET all political approaches.



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