Economics of Peace video now available

During the Economics of Peace conference last October I gave a presentation titled, The Economics of Peace Justice and Sustainability. The video of that presentation is now available in three parts for viewing online at: In the near future, I plan to add to this blog the slide graphics that accompanied my presentation.

2 responses to “Economics of Peace video now available

  1. Another great presentation by Mr. Greco and now is the time to pay attention to what he says. ALSO, here is a written transcript and outline from an interview of Tom on what needs to happen and refers to his new book.

    How do we get from the current financial system, via all the current experiments with local money, to a fundamentally different system. Do you have any concrete proposals for a transition?

    TG: Yes, the book contains multiple proposals and prescriptions addressed to various entities including individuals, businesses, social entrepreneurs, and various levels of government. These cover both system designs and implementation strategies. Perhaps the most promising and easily attainable is the bioregional development plan that I outline in Chapter Sixteen.

    This is a multi-stage plan involving diverse segments of the community. It is designed to accomplish the following:

    1. Institute measures that promote import substitution

    2. Provide an alternative payment medium, independent of any political currency and banking establishment

    3. Issue a supplemental regional currency

    4. Develop basic support structures that strengthen the local economy and enhance the community’s quality of life

    5. Develop an independent value standard and unit of account

    The keystone of this plan is the organization of a mutual credit clearing association in the second stage.

    I also describe the emergent web based exchange systems and slight modifications that are required to make them fully functional as non-governmental exchange and finance alternatives.


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