The Story of Growth as it Truly Is

If you still believe in the growth economy, watch this:

One response to “The Story of Growth as it Truly Is

  1. Yep

    It’s the global economy on growth hormones! E.C. Riegel would not be surprised as he predicted it would happen long ago when he wrote–

    ” The monetary mariner no longer has a guide; for the North Star, the dollar, is moving. This is the first time in history that the world has witnessed global inflation, with the whole field of monetary units sliding into the sea.

    Whether we survive the storm that will attend this destruction of the political monetary system will depend upon how we respond to this danger. If we apply remedies designed to preserve the power of the monetary unit, the sails of exchange will be shredded by the gales of inflation. We will find ourselves adrift in a chaotic world for exchange is the device by which the ship of social order moves forward. If, on the other hand, we allow nature to take its course with the unit of account, adjusting matters to preserve the exchange system as required, we will be able to weather the storm and maintain civil and social order”


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