US following Greece to financial hell

This video by Peter Schiff gives a pretty good explanation of the parallels between Greece’s current dilemma and the  disaster that will eventually overtake Americans.

Unfortunately, neither Schiff nor anyone else in the financial spotlight is talking about the only real solution, which is to end the debt imperative and the growth imperative by taking usury/interest out of the money system. It needs to be recognized that the entire system of global money, banking, and finance is bankrupt and cannot be sustained. I wrote about that more than twenty years ago in my first book, Money and Debt: A Solution to the Global Crisis which can be downloaded for free.

2 responses to “US following Greece to financial hell

  1. Peter is one of my favorite people in telling what’s going on in this world like it is. Even if he’s wrong about hyperinflation (which I doubt), the Federal Government has set this country up for a crash in the form of unsustainable debt in what we have spent and guaranteed. I hardly know what to do to prepare as there are som many problems that exist in this once great country that can bite us. Any one (Government debt, consumer debt, foreclosures, printing money, government guarantees, Social Security, Illegal Imigration, etc.) by itself could become a disaster.


  2. The good news–our society is less sustainable financially than ecologically, which gives us an opportunity and some leverage to develop solutions to both sets of problems.


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