BBC World News: Fallout of Wikileaks Afghan War Diary 1437 13 Aug 2010

Vodpod videos no longer available.

One response to “BBC World News: Fallout of Wikileaks Afghan War Diary 1437 13 Aug 2010

  1. The more we depend on information as a function of our organization, the more we begin to resemble biological processes in that formation of our own government.

    In biology, once the integreity of a system is threatened by the viral nature of information, it tends toward speciation. That process can create an enlargment of the species if necessary for survival, or it may tend toward creating a sub-species more adapted to specific territorial limitations, based on new rituals of reproduction.

    Today, simply by looking around, an information based culture that operates at the speed of light can only form immunities from reproductive threats by breaking apart and developing specific strategies at a community level.

    Terrorist “cells” strangely enough, are actually an adaptive process that more effectively uses that strategy by embodying all necessary information within a small segment and coordinating it as necessary.

    Terrorism is merely an imitation of biological adaptation.


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