Daily Archives: December 28, 2010

“Inside Job,” the story of the looting of America

Inside Job is a recently released documentary film about the causes of the present financial crisis. I’ve not yet seen it, but from all indications it’s a blockbuster that exposes massive criminal fraud and malfeasance by both Wall Street and Washington. Watch this video as Dylan Ratigan on  MSNBC speaks with the film’s director and Professor William Black.


New memes for a new society

Economic transformation is coming on so fast it’s impossible to keep up with it all. Among the most significant developments are changing attitudes about work, saving, investing, and communication. A vexing question heretofore has been “how to finance projects that promote the common good?”

Fortunately, people seem increasingly willing to invest their resources in projects that have evident potential for creating a better world, without any promise of providing any direct personal return on investment.

This phenomenon, called crowd sourcing, has spurred the recent emergence of several websites that connect projects with donors. One of the most popular of these is Kickstarter.com.

One of the new offerings on that site is, Symbionomics: Stories of a New Economy, a project of film maker Alan Rosenblith, who produced the film, The Money Fix, which features comments by a number of monetary “experts,” including yours truly.

This project is important because it seeks to change the way people think about economics, politics, and society, as expressed in this excerpt from their project site:

Icons for the Twelve Memes

We’ve outlined 12 patterns (or memes) of the new economy, and are creating simple, memorable icons for each one.

They will help us express new and sometimes abstract ideas. We are inspired by efforts like The Noun Project to create a language of universal symbols licensed into the creative commons.

Alan has become a good friend whose work I admire and support. I am suggesting that others consider supporting this project as well. — t.h.g.