Should every state own a bank of its own?

A state owned bank can provide state economies with many advantages–if it is properly run. Here’s an article from Mother Jones about the Bank of North Dakota, the only state owned bank in the United States. It makes a pretty good case.–t.h.g.

How the Nation’s Only State-Owned Bank Became the Envy of Wall Street

3 responses to “Should every state own a bank of its own?

  1. Shouldn’t we just stop calling the bookkeeper in charge of who has the cash debt(debit/credit) a “bank”? Shouldn’t we call the broker who facilitates large transactions among the producers who don’t normally raise funds through the issuance of stock a broker? Thus lower income are taking the brunt of “tax” the private banker is charging us for the use of currency. As soon as a “bank” loans money, it has become an investment company after all. Why should a bookkeeper be able to accrue compounding debits to an account, simultaneously adding corresponding credits to his own account? I think the same bookkeeper who tracks who pays taxes should be the same who tracks cash debt – debit specifically. Let every producer have access to the same amount of public cash debit as he enters the market. Get the common man fluent in the issuance, purchase and trade of stock, and let his broker also handle his checking(credit) account. The word “bank” implies a storage facility, not bookkeeper/broker. Of course this would make it impossible for industrialists to monopolize.


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