Organizing for local self-reliance and sustainability

This upcoming webinar promises to describe what may be a good model for organizing and  funding local enterprises that contribute to local self-reliance and sustainability, plus providing ways to secure your savings in investments that will have lasting real value–t.h.g..

Co-op Power: A Model for Local Investment, New Business Development and Job Creation

Webinar Speaker:

Lynn Benander of Co-op Power and Northeast Biodiesel

Date and Time: Tuesday, January 10 at 10am PT, (11am MT / 12pm CT / 1pm ET)

Coop Power

About the topic:

Maybe you know that cooperatives use their shared ownership structure and member fees to fund the cooperative itself. Join BALLE to learn how Co-op Power – a consumer-owned energy cooperative serving southern New England and eastern New York – is stretching the bounds of the cooperative structure and yielding amazing community capital returns in the process.

Co-op Power’s Local Organizing Councils have:

Raised more than $300,000 in member equity, $600,000 in member loans, and $850,000 in local investment to support the development of community-scale clean energy projects.

Worked together to support a growing number of new living economy enterprises, like a 3-million gallon biodiesel processing plant.

Created more than 100 jobs over just five years.

Focused on working with communities of color and limited resource communities to build a multi-class, multi-racial movement for a sustainable and just energy future.

Explore this cutting-edge use of cooperative structure for going beyond member equity to finance local businesses and create new jobs – and how you can put the cooperative model to work in your community.

Learn more about our speaker and her organizations here.

How to use BALLE’s Accelerating Community Capital Webinar Series

Gather with others from your area to participate in a “viewing party” for each Accelerating Community Capital webinar.

Hold a discussion group afterward to investigate how your community can apply what you learn.

Groups can participate using just one member’s registration!

Hear firsthand about the best models working right now that you can replicate where you live.

Ask the presenters the questions you need to build local investing in your area.

Space is limited; register now!

2 responses to “Organizing for local self-reliance and sustainability

  1. This is exactly what I intend to do with C3 model. I intend to create a mutual reserve fund, with capital protection, and transform this short-term money in to colateral for trade currency and long term legal curse money to invest in

    1) Local Entrepreneurship: services that can empower the CLUSTER networking.

    2) Social Security complementary Systems
    2.1) Including short term (unemployment, medical insurance, medical institutions protocols) and long term

    3) New techonology based start-ups to substitute “imports” from outside the network

    I am inviting Venture Capitalists and Business angels to this idea of spending less money in working capital (use a complementary currency instead) adn invest more in the long term
    Start-ups would buy more between them and use less “money”.


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