Food, population and climate change: Where are we headed and what can we do?

Here’s an excellent video that packs a lot of information into six short minutes, and does it in a way that is clear and comprehensible. It’s a good example of effective communication that I hope we can emulate to describe the problem of money, banking, finance and debt. — t.h.g. 

8 responses to “Food, population and climate change: Where are we headed and what can we do?

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  3. In 2012 there is an average of 2.1 hectares of land and 5.2 hectares of sea surface per person on the planet. Thereof 2500 square meters of arable land and 7000 square meters of forest.On the 7.3 hectares 100 gigawatt-hours of solar energy per year are available. If we manage to use 1 promille of this energy we have as much energy per person on the planet as every American uses today. Today most of industrial resources, intelligence, and labor go into warfare, consumer products, non-productive services and myriads of other very doubtful activities like advertisement and and fonds management. If we invest a much bigger part of these resources into a inspiring, playful and comprehensive agriculture, we will produce food in incredible abundance and quality. Let’s say twenty percent of the population will again be directly involved in food production! That would be a game changer.
    Please! Climate change is not the true problem! Our system is the problem! We don’t have to fight climate change, we have to establish a new, sustainable socio-economic system that allows free science and art, the true liberation of creativity. Stop growing fear! All we have to fear is our own imprisonment in a political and economic system that is totally inhuman, that is at its core a hymn on fear, ignorance and violence.


  4. I don’t know if you’ve seen it, Tom, but I distilled a bunch of stuff from your ‘End of Money’ and a couple of other sources here:

    It’s a five part series. People say it’s helped them understand what’s going on. It might be a useful place to start if you want to put together a short video like the one above, or a series of short videos.


  5. Arnaldo Spicacci

    Thanks Tom, but the video has the dominant point of view of Irresponsibility. I have a small orchard at home, I grow my own food and it takes so little of land to produce soooo much. Nature is Generosity and Abundance. Industrial food looks like food but it is a chemical byproduct. We need Food Responsibility, this will take care of the Planet as well.


  6. Thanks for posting this. However… We’re concerned that anyone would pretend to seriously address the issues around food supply without speaking directly about overpopulation. NO diet change, improvement in technology, improvement in farming practices or improvement in distribution will keep pace with a human population that is growing beyond the earth’s capacity to support.


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