Money & Debt: John Green’s Crash Course

In this engaging fast-paced video, John Green explores important questions like: What is money? What is it for? How and why did it evolve? What is the relationship between money, nation states and slavery? And perhaps, most importantly, where do trust and credit enter the picture, and what role do they play in today’s world?

One response to “Money & Debt: John Green’s Crash Course

  1. The video assumes a context of pre-existing societal systems with ideological cultural values. Money falsely is used to create a sense of objectivity to what is totally invented.

    How to acquire money not discussed, or how to acquire credit is not even mentioned.

    The quantification of value for basic necessities is not necessary, except for inventory management. The relative “cost” of production/distribution is not necessarily important if labor and access is fair as to competency – and no one hoards or exploits.

    Why must we put a PRICE on everything we exchange?

    Comparative value is not objective, except the “objectivity” of an existing societal/cultural system where “artificial” value is embedded.


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