LowImpact.org, working toward a new economy and a new society

We need to change direction urgently, by building a new kind of economy and society, and there are 4 ways that we can do this:
1. By changing the way we live – https://www.lowimpact.org/topics-2/
2. By changing the way we spend our money –
3. By changing the exchange medium – https://www.lowimpact.org/why-join-ne…
4. By federating and growing the non-extractive economy

Watch the video

2 responses to “LowImpact.org, working toward a new economy and a new society

  1. Tom, thank you for today’s video on the new economy. I’m reading that there are islands in New Guinea & Japan that have closed down banking for over a week to switch to ‘gold backed currencies’; & that China, Russia (& I hear Trump is part of this decision) & ending trades with US Dollars to bankrupt the dark US govt. corp. so we can set up ‘gold back new country currency’ to rebuild true America democracy. You know I support Beyond Money systems; however is next step towards gold backed financial system? So awaiting higher consciousness of the masses & new unified Earth!


    • Suni, I have heard nothing about that. Please provide a source. What “backs” a money system is the goods and services that are provided to the market. If what is being done is redeemability of paper money or deposits for gold, then gold can provide a measure of value and unit of account that is independent of the currency thus imposing some discipline on the issuers of money. I’m eager to learn more about this development if it is in fact true..


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