Make America sane again

Now is the time for the American people to stand up and use their power to challenge the political establishment, to oust the war mongers, and to join together in demanding a government that is committed to promoting the common good and peaceful relations with the governments of other countries around the world.   

Tulsi Gabbard is the only Presidential candidate I’ve seen since John and Robert Kennedy who is willing to put her life on the line to lead the people in this battle against the forces of darkness and domination. Tulsi was “being groomed to be the next great Queen of the Democratic Party establishment” but threw it all away when she “refused to sacrifice her soul” and resigned as co-chair of the Democratic National Committee. Watch this video and start informing yourself.

5 responses to “Make America sane again

  1. Sadly, the fact that she’s a woman will be a liability. I wish her all the luck in the world. We’re regressing as a species. Patriarchy is becoming more entrenched and women are being silenced in ever more devious and violent ways. Power and those who seek it have become primary. Justice and fair play are becoming a thing of the past.


    • I see the opposite. The time is right for the “right” woman to be elected president. Hillary was the wrong woman who represented all the things that people are fed up with but she stll managed to win the popular vote by a wide margin.


  2. Yang-Gabbard is my #1, Sanders-Yang is #2, Sanders-Gabbard #3

    Beyond those 3, I can’t find any other verifiably-principled candidates.


  3. She was too honest, and anti-war for the military industrial complex. I think Warren is our senator, and better than Sanders and Biden.


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